Monsoon Tourism In Kerala

Monsoon tourism in Kerala is gaining popularity as the state experiences a unique and enchanting charm during the rainy season, which typically lasts from June to September. While the heavy rainfall may deter some travelers, there are several reasons why monsoon tourism in Kerala is worth considering:

  1. Lush Green Landscapes: The monsoon rejuvenates the entire state, transforming it into a lush green paradise. The hills, forests, and backwaters come alive with vibrant shades of green, creating breathtaking and picturesque scenery.
  2. Ayurvedic Rejuvenation: Kerala is renowned for its Ayurvedic treatments and wellness therapies. The monsoon is considered an ideal time for Ayurvedic rejuvenation as the body is believed to be more receptive to treatments during this season. Many Ayurvedic centers and resorts offer special monsoon packages.
  3. Waterfalls in Full Flow: Kerala boasts numerous waterfalls that come alive during the monsoon. The cascading waterfalls, such as Athirapally, Meenmutty, and Soochipara, are at their majestic best during this time, offering a captivating sight for nature enthusiasts.
  4. Backwater Serenity: The backwaters of Kerala, such as Alleppey and Kumarakom, take on a tranquil and ethereal ambiance during the monsoon. The serene backwaters surrounded by lush greenery provide a unique and peaceful experience for those seeking a relaxing getaway.
  5. Off-Season Discounts: As monsoon is considered the off-season for tourism in Kerala, many hotels, resorts, and houseboats offer attractive discounts and deals. This makes it an economical time to visit and enjoy the beauty of the state without the usual crowds.
  6. Festivals and Cultural Celebrations: The monsoon season in Kerala is also marked by vibrant festivals and cultural celebrations. The most famous one is the Onam festival, which is celebrated with great enthusiasm and includes activities like boat races, traditional dance performances, and feasts.

It’s important to note that while the monsoon in Kerala can be a beautiful experience, it can also bring heavy rains and occasional flooding. It’s advisable to stay updated on weather conditions and follow local advisories to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

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