Kumari Amman Temple / Kanyakumari Temple

Kumari Amman Temple Kanyakumari
Kumari Amman Temple Kanyakumari

Why eastern doors of the famous Kumari Amman Temple in Kanyakumari or Kanyakumari Temple are open only on 5 occasions in a year?

India is such a country that blessed with so many beautiful and ancient temples. Most of them have been tastefully and beautifully crafted. Thousands of people visit these temples every year in order to seek blessings and experience spirituality. Kumari Amman Temple is an ancient temple in Kanyakumari worth visiting. This 3000-year old shrine is dedicated to Goddess Kanyakumari who is the incarnation of Goddess Parvathy. It is believed that this virgin goddess stands in eternal vigil on the edge of the ocean in order to protect the country. This virgin goddess is the true model as the embodiment of eternal Divine Bliss for the whole womankind of Hindus.

Charming young goddess

Goddess Kanyakumari is stands in this temple as a beautiful young girl with a rosary in her right hand. Pilgrims and devotees can enter the temple through the northern gate. Even if the deity of this shrine is facing the east it is remains closed throughout the year except for five occasions for taking her out for ceremonial bath. This temple is located on the edge of an ocean in Kanaykumari. This destination is the ‘End of the land’ of the Indian subcontinent. It is also a unique place where the Bay of Bengal meets the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. A lot of people gather at this place in order to experience the auspicious Chitrapurnima (Full-moon day in April). People can enjoy sunset and moonrise simultaneously over the ocean at this spot on this day.

A Charming temple

Located on a beautiful shore where the confluence of three oceans, foundation of this elegant temple was done by Pandyas. Several new additions were made later by Nayaks. The idol of the goddess in Kanyakumari temple is captivating. Made up of blue stone, the idol of this temple is believed to be installed by Lord Parasurama, the legendary creator of Kerala. This is the first Durga Temple created by him. The nose-ring of the deity is very beautiful that shines brilliantly. It is believed that this nose-ring has some divine power. A lot of devotees from across the globe visit this temple to watch this beautiful temple and get divine blessings from the nun goddess.

Reason for remain closed its eastern doors

It is interesting to know that the eastern doors of this temple remain closed throughout the year except only 5 occasions. The nose jewel of the deity sheds lustrous glare and could be seen at night even from faraway. Legends say that this nose ring was obtained from a king- cobra. Set with rubies and diamonds, this jewel is so bright and some ships sailing in the sea mistook it as a light from the Lighthouse. They got wrecked after hitting against rocks while sailing towards the signal. So, the eastern-side gate of this temple is remained closed In order to avoid such mishaps.

Take a holy dip at the bathing ghat

Kanyakumari Amman Temple is treated as a Kerala temple as it was once a part of the then Travancore Kingdom. The poojas are also same as that of the Kerala temples. This shrine is set on two rocks that rising out of the ocean. One of these rocks has the footprints of Goddess Kanyakumari. The great spiritual leader, Swamy Vivekananda sat in meditation on the other rock and attained enlightenment. Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of Indian subcontinent has been a major pilgrimage destination for thousands of years. It is believed that bathing in the waters of this destination absolve all the sins as it is at the confluence of the three seas. There are about 25Theerthams on the shores of this pilgrim site and a lot of people come to Kanyakumari to take a holy dip at its bathing ghats to wash away all their sins.

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