Kollengode is a beautiful weekend getaway with amazing natural beauty and beautiful temples located nearly 25 kilometers away from Palakkad town of Kerala. The name “Kollengode” is very popular in the state because of a few personalities who have reached great heights in different fields. Besides, the scenic nature and beautiful tourist attractions in this place also made it popular among people in Kerala. Plan a visit to this marvelous village and other point-of-interests in Palakkad through KSU. Log on our website www.ksu.in to get information about this holiday retreat and book your taxi to reach there.

An Ideal Weekend Getaway

People search unexplored tourist destinations to explore with their family and friends during summer. As the heat is hitting up, it is wise to take a break from your busy schedule and everything else that happens around you to refresh and have some fun. If you are looking for a beautiful hideaway with pristine natural beauty, you can head to Kollengode in Palakkad. Even though, this village has breathtaking natural beauty, it is among the less explored tourist destinations in the state. One of the great attractions of this tourist spot is its majestic views of different waterfalls. Various trekking routes also make it an ideal picnic spot for many nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts.

 Eye-Catching Natural Beauty

A lot of weekenders find Kollengode an ideal destination to spend with their family or friends because of its enchanting natural beauty. You will find it refreshing to watch those beautiful waterfalls on the way to this stunning picnic spot. Some of the waterfall that offers enthralling views to visitors includes the Vittu Thotti waterfalls, Palakapandi waterfalls and the Seethargundu waterfalls. Kollengode is a favorite destination for many trekking lovers as well. Some of the thrilling trekking routes available in this place include the Seethakundu, Nelliyampathy Hills and the Govindamalai.

Kachakurissi Temple

The village ‘Kollengode’ got its name from the blacksmith community (Kollen in Malayalam) lives here. This destination is blessed with a few beautiful temples. There are some Vishnu and Shiva temples in Kollengode. The Kachakurissi temple is a must-visit temple in Kollengode dedicated to Lord Vishnu. This temple is considered as the ‘Tirupathi’ of Kerala which was believed to be built by the famous sage, Vyasa.

Famous Personalities From Kollengode

Everybody knows the natural beauty of Kollengode. Apart from the scenic nature and beautiful temples, some famous personalities who have reached great heights in different fields also made this destination popular. People who hail from this village include the Carnatic musician KV Narayanaswamy, politician Shashi Taroor, late Chenda artists Kachamkuruichi Eacha Marar and Annan Marar.

How To Reach Kollengode

Kollengode is small village located nearly 25 kilometers away from Palakkad town. Nearest railway station is Palakkad. Coimbatore is the nearest airport which is approximately 55 kilometers from Palakkad. Travelers who wish to visit this village can hire a taxi or take buses from the airport or railway station.

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