Kochi The Tourism Hub of Kerala

Kochi – The Tourism Hub of Kerala is developing as a tourism hub with many tourist centers, excellent accommodation facilities, and modern amenities.

Kochi is truly a beautiful port city that attracts travelers with so many tourist attractions. In fact, it is the tourism hub of the state. It is also the gateway for people who wish to visit the state to explore its enchanting tourist attractions.  Most of the popular tourist centers in this city completed their booking by January 2017. Cochin/Kochi International Airport is the first airport in the country that is powered fully by solar power. It is one of the most important airports in India. Plan a trip to this majestic colonial city to watch its mesmerizing tourist attractions.

Vibrant Port City Many Tourist Attractions
Kochi is the tourism hub of Kerala for many reasons. This vibrant port city offers a lot of tourist attractions for the weary traveler. The city has spectacular beaches, stunning backwaters, dense forests, gorgeous waterfalls, and enchanting river banks. The high ranges and bird sanctuaries also attract so many travelers to the city. Travelers to Kerala first visit Kochi and then only explore other attractions of the state. Holidaymakers who choose Munnar, Thekkady, or Kumarakom also come to this city first. They spend a few days here and then go to their decided destinations. It must be exciting for travelers to explore Fort Cochin and Mattancherry. They never forget to enjoy a boat trip at Muziris or visit Kumbalangi during their visit to this port city. Being a tourism hub, the city has been developing day by day.

Enjoy Magnificent Village Life At Kumbalangi
Do you want to spend a relaxing day away from the routine hectic work? Then just plan a trip to Kumbalangi. It is a beautiful village located on the outskirts of Kochi where visitors can enjoy a lot of things. Kumbalangi also achieved the credit of being the first eco-tourism village in the country. As you know Kochi is a port city where many cruise ships come with thousands of travelers. This eco-tourism village is a favorite of many cruisers. Hundreds of them visit the village to enjoy its tourist attractions.
There is a lot to explore in the majestic village of Kumbalangi. It must be a beautiful experience to enjoy boating in the lake with the dancing fish. You will never forget the sunset in the place beyond the Chinese Fishing Nets. It is also interesting to watch prawn farming, and traditional fishing methods and enjoy local dishes including spicy fish and seafood items. Cruisers truly love this opportunity as they can enjoy a great day away from the boredom of regular ship life.

Paniyeli Poru – The Serene Picnic Spot
Another great important spot is Paniyeli Poru which is located on the outskirts of Kochi. It is a serene and untouched area with majestic rivulets and a milky waterfall. You may read recently about a new five-star resort and the issue of a bar license. But many people do not know that this new five-star resort, Whispering Waters set in Paniyeli Poru. This is one of the most developing tourist centers in Kochi. Kodanadu Elephant Sanctuary is near this picnic spot. Travelers to this destination can enjoy elephants and many related activities to them. Visitors also love to enjoy bathing in Periyar even though it can be a dangerous activity.

The eco-tourism facilities in Paniyeli Poru certainly fascinate travelers. They can enjoy trekking through the dense forests with the permission of the Forest Department. With resorts and other facilities, accommodation is not a problem during your visit to this picnic spot. The hotels and homestays in this area offer stay to travelers at premium rates.  Some places charge from Rs. 2000 to 16,000 for a single day. Even though these ‘rack rates’ are high, they offer up to 30% discount to their guests.

Stately Chellanam
Chellanam is a peaceful and serene holiday retreat in Kochi ideal for people who really need a break. Travelers simply love Chellanam Beach because it has the beauty, amenities, and standards of an international beach. You may see many stunning beaches in Hollywood movies that remind you of our own Chellanam Beach. In fact, you can see so many such places in Kochi and most of them are slowly developing into elegant tourist centers.

Development of New Tourist Centers
The development of such new tourist attractions in Kochi makes it a prominent tourist hub in the state. Many beach lovers avoided Kochi earlier because of the lack of a good beach. Later many foreigners find the Cherai beach perfect to swim and it became a well-known beach in the state. The availability of many good hotels and resorts in the area helps travelers to stay and enjoy the beauty of the beach. Many hotels and homestays offer outstanding staying facilities in the Fort Cochin area.
People in Kochi also love to visit the gorgeous Athirapally Waterfall. Many travelers prefer to visit this waterfall because it is a famous location for many Hindi and regional movies. Since it is a preferred shooting location of many Hindi and Tamil movies, the waterfall became more popular among people. However, the area has only a few hotels and resorts for accommodation. So, most of the visitors prefer to choose Kochi for their stay. Athirapally tourism center is also a boon for the hotels and resorts in Kochi.

Favorite Spot For Arabian Holidaymakers
Both the Athirapally Waterfall and Cherai are the favorite spot for many Arabian travelers. They head to Kerala during June and July months when the temperature soars high in Arabian land. The dense forests and the majestic waterfall in Athirapally can be a beautiful experience for family holidaymakers from Arabian countries. Cherai is a fine beach in Kochi where travelers can swim comfortably like the Kovalam Beach. Almost all the hotel rooms at Cherai have been booked already for the upcoming tourism season.

Travelers to Kochi also love to visit Bhoothathankettu and Thattekad Bird Sanctuary during their visit to Kochi. People visit the bird sanctuary to watch varieties of local and migratory birds. On the way back, they can visit the Bhoothathankettu dam and nearby forests. You will also love to hear the story behind the dam and its peculiar name.

Excellent Home Stays
The mushrooming of home stays also a reason for the popularity of these tourist centers in Kochi. Family holidaymakers with children prefer homestays for their accommodation. They prefer to choose a home that is located in the middle of so many tropical fruit plants like jack fruit and Mango.  Children also love to watch the cattle and poultry farms at the homestay. It is also interesting for them to watch the traditional farming methods during their stay in a Kochi homestay.  Some of the luxury homestays in these tourist centers are in high demand these days.

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