Kerala’s Power Triumph: Beat Load Shedding with Conservation Efforts

Kerala Avoids Load Shedding Through Conservation Efforts

Despite rising heat straining the power grid, Kerala will avoid load shedding for now. The Kerala State Electricity Board (KSEB) is calling for public cooperation in energy conservation measures.

Key Actions:

  • Reduced Usage During Peak Hours (10 PM – 2 AM):
    • Homes: Set air conditioners above 26°C and turn off unnecessary lights.
    • Businesses: Reschedule high-energy activities and limit decorative lighting after 9 PM.
    • Industries: Reschedule production where possible.
    • Water Authorities: Regulate pumping to minimize disruptions.
    • Agriculture: Avoid using lift irrigation pumps during peak hours.

Collaboration is Key:

Deputy Chief Engineers will manage these efforts at the local level. KSEB will re-evaluate the situation after two days.

Yesterday’s Demand:

  • Maximum demand: 5854 megawatts
  • Consumption: 114.1852 million units

Minister’s Appeal:

Electricity Minister K. Krishnan Kutty urged the public to treat this as a natural disaster and cooperate. He requested reducing consumption, especially between 10 PM and 2 AM. He also discouraged disruptions at KSEB offices during technical outages.

By working together, Kerala can overcome this challenge without resorting to load shedding.

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