Kerala Monsoon Tourism

Kerala eyes monsoon. Rising trend of monsoon tourism in Kerala!
Experience and celebrate the magic of monsoon in Kerala. Imagine a walk , get wet and dance in the rain. It is spectacular and ultimately a welcome change. Kerala Tourism has been promoting monsoon tourism and tries to woo the tourists from all over the world to romance the Kerala monsoon. Kerala tourism’s objective is to bring out the positive aspects of monsoon and encourage the tourism activities during monsoon season.
Monsoon tourism holidays let tourists rediscover the fact that why Kerala is God’s own country. It’s experiences should not be wasted indoors. Heavy downpours, even soft showers, cool breeze and lush landscape fill your mind with spirit, rejuvenate you and make oneself happy. Monsoon always rekindle the romance in the hearts of lovers.
Monsoon has greater influence on Kerala life, agriculture and vegetation. Following link provides the importance of monsoon in Kerala.
Kerala Wellness Tourism, especially Ayurveda treatments, backwaters and beaches have become popular draws for Kerala. The Kerala tourism is combining these three and other facets with the magic of the rains to promote Kerala as a Monsoon Tourism destination. Kerala tourism promotion department assessed the potential of Monsoon Tourism and aggressively started marketing Monsoon Holidays in Kerala.
According to Ayurveda, monsoon is the best time for taking Ayurveda treatments and rejuvenation therapies.
Monsoon at Kovalam – Kovalam is said to be the starting point of south-west monsoon. It is accompanied by the proclamation of thunder and lightning. The small raindrops’ touching the sand is a marvelous one. The arrival of the monsoon is the mild to harsh wind emanates from south-west direction in the sea that moves on to the land 7-8 hours before the coming of monsoon. The monsoon arrival at Kovalam is very popular and tourists from different countries arrive to Kovalam to enjoy the monsoon at its splendor. Many popular writers, news reporters including BBC come to kovalam to document the arrival of monsoon and they considered Kovalam as the best place to note the sight of the monsoon arrival.
Go through the monsoon theme destinations and experience the season of rainbows and raindrops.

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