Kerala Houseboats

Hiring a traditional thatched Kerala houseboat and exploring the backwaters is a quintessential Kerala experience.

Live in a houseboat in the backwaters Kerala is God’s Own Country and Alleppey, green and serene, is a piece of paradise. The best way to experience the part of Kerala that seems to float on the backwaters is to cruise along the waterways in a rice boat. These long boats were once used to transport rice and other goods. Now, they are a tourist attraction, offering a unique experience. You can choose to stay in a houseboat moored at the water’s edge and equipped with most luxuries. Taking in the daily life of villages humming along at a quiet pace is one of the pleasures of the houseboat stay.

When you’re on a houseboat trip in Kerala, check out one of the specialties of the region—the toddy shops, local watering holes with great food.

Kerala Houseboats – Discover enchanting Backwaters – Kerala’s unique Houseboats, locally known as Kettuvalloms help the tourist in discovering the enchanting backwaters and lively villages of Kerala on a houseboat cruise. The Houseboats of today are used for leisure trips to encourage tourism, but in old days, these Kettuvalloms were used for commercial purpose to transport goods from different isolated interior villages to the towns.

Some of the most popular backwater destinations of the state are Kochi, Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom, Kollam, Kuttanad, Thiruvallam, Alleppey (Alappuzha), etc. By navigating these waterways on a Kerala house boat tour, you will not only be able to see amazing sights, but you will also benefit from luxurious accommodation and high-class service from the crew.

The house boats are constructed out of wood and other natural materials, such as coconut fibre and bamboo poles, making them both sturdy and environmentally-friendly. The average house boat is approximately 25 metres long and they are made by binding together planks of jackfruit wood, with no nails being used during the production process. They have a private balcony and a sun deck so that you can fully enjoy the amazing scenery and weather. They will also have air conditioning if you want to get away from the sun for a while.

Houseboats in Kerala have a three member crew – a chef, driver & cabin assistants. The cuisine is traditional Kerala flavor with various spices of the local specialties; delicious local fish. There are single bedroom houseboats to 5 bedroom houseboats.

The houseboats are provided with all modern amenities like open sit out, spacious living area, kitchen, and bath attached bedrooms with T.V. All these facilities enables the guest to feel at home away from home

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