Kerala Houseboat Food Menu

The backwaters of Kerala are truly captivating to travelers from across the globe because of its mystic charm. A cruise in a luxurious houseboat can be a dream of every traveler who visits this enchanting Indian state. It must be exciting to sail through the tranquil waters that shine under the sunlight and watch the scenic nature. In fact, you will enter into a different world when you sail away in a beautiful Kerala houseboat. Travelers can enjoy a guided backwater tour in a traditional houseboat during their trip to Kerala. The lip smacking food served on board certainly makes their cruising amazing and unforgettable.

Kerala Boat House are an interesting element of the tourism scenario of Kerala. Everybody loves to enjoy the unique backwater ecosystem of the destination and watch its unique flora and fauna during the cruising. As a coastal region, you can find the most productive and best seafood industries in India in this small state. Kerala and its charming houseboats have the reputation of serving great cuisines especially fish and seafood items. The proximity to backwaters, sea and oceans, the travelers to this Indian state can enjoy fish and seafood at cheap rates. Houseboat cruising is also a fine way for travelers to taste different authentic Kerala vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines.

The houseboat foods that served in the houseboat during cruising may be vary depend on the taste and budget. The houseboats in Kerala have a large clientele of tourists from different parts of the world such as America, Italy, France, Britain and Spain and they prefer to taste the authentic Kerala cuisines including the spicy non-veg items.  It is wise to get an idea about the particulars of the food that served on board before you start your cruising.

Most houseboats prefer to serve the sweet coconut water as their welcome drink. It also serves to their guests between meals or as a beverage as and when they demand. The breakfast in the houseboat generally comprise of the typical South Indian foods like dosa, idly, sambar along with hot coffee or tea.

Kerala Houseboat Food Menu of the houseboat lunch is definitely fascinating which include a variety of dishes. The lunch menu comprises of different types of fish and seafood items including fish fry accompanied with items like papad, varieties of chutneys and sweets. You can enjoy tea and snacks from different parts of the country in the evening. Dinner comprises of the food items like chapattis, rotis, delicious chicken curry and dal. The crews of the houseboats take utmost care to store and cook food with great care and cleanliness and serve high quality food to their guests. The dishes may vary a little based on the package that you select. Of course, each guest can have a lifetime holiday experience in a Kerala houseboat.

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