Kerala Folklore Museum

Kerala Folklore Museum is a must-visit architectural wonder in Kochi located at Thevara ideal to study and experience different art forms of Kerala. Kerala is a beautiful destination in India with rich culture and heritage. There are many organizations here to preserve and promote the culture and heritage of the state.  Kerala Folklore Museum is one such non-profit organization to promote the folklore of the state. This architectural museum is worth visiting for people who would like to explore the beautiful tourist attractions in the city. This is the right place where travelers can get an idea about the culture and the life of common man in Kerala for many centuries.

A Unique Venture

Kerala Folklore Museum opened in the year 2009 as a venture to promote and preserve the rich folklore wealth of the state.  It locates at Thevara in Kochi. People love to visit this 3-storied architectural charm in order to take a walk down the history. Here, they can come across with the times gone by. It can be a wonderful experience to get an idea about the rich culture and heritage of Kerala. This museum is truly a great picnic spot because it houses many artifacts.

An Architectural Wonder

Visit Kerala Folklore Museum if you would like to watch the exquisite architectural styles of Kerala. In fact, this 3-floor building is following the styles of Travancore, Cochin and Malabar. The entrance of this museum built using the remains of a 16th century temple in Tamil Nadu. The entire charming wood carvings of it collected from different parts of Kerala. Each visitor should notice the traditionally decorated door lock called Manichithrathazhu of the entrance door. Pierced windows made of wood near the entrance door are also attractive. It reminds you about the captivating Malabar architectural style.

Things To Watch

Visitors can watch different dance and art forms of the state that show our rich heritage.  Besides, it houses plenty of artifacts that reflect the aroma of the bygone period like beautiful sculptures in stone, bronze and wood, masks, traditional jewelry, ritual and traditional art forms, Stone-Age utensils, musical instruments and manuscripts of astrological secrets and rare medicines. All these things preserve in this museum with great care.

Enjoy the Cochin style of architecture by visiting the first floor of the museum. Named as Kalithattu, this area showcases costumes of different traditional dance and art forms of the state such as Kathakali, Theyyam, Mohiniyattam and Ottanthullal. The second Floor, Kamaladalam is adorned with an eye catching wooden chiseled ceiling using 60 frames and several beautiful mural paintings.

Enjoy Stage Performances

There is a theatre in the Kerala Folklore Museum where guests can enjoy stage performances every day. Just visit the museum at 6.30 to watch traditional and ritual dance forms of the state. This elegant museum is the result of the determination and efforts of Mr. George Thaliath and his wife Annie George. Many skilled carpenters and workers also contributed to make the museum an architectural wonder. They took more than 7 years to complete this museum.

Plan Your Visit

We, Taxi Kochi help travelers to visit the museum. It is open from 9.30 am to 7 pm every day. Whether it is an educational visit or group visit, we help you to visit the museum at your own convenience.  Advance booking is available for educational visits.  The museum is a perfect place to experience traditional art forms. They also arrange lecture on folklore studies related to different art forms, culture and heritage by experts. Adults need to pay Rs.100/- for visits while students can enter the museum by paying Rs.50/-.

Group Visit

Advance booking is also available for groups who plan to visit this museum. They organize many activities and lectures for group visitors to study and experience traditional art forms of the state. Many people prefer to attend their “Day with Master” on different art forms. Guide service also available for group visitors on request.  This is a fine opportunity for visitors to attend different performing arts and traditional art forms. Besides, they conduct classes on face painting, cookery classes and short classes on Bharathanatyam, Mohiniyatam, Kathakali and the well known martial art, Kalaripayattu.

Facilities In The Museum

In addition to many artifacts, guests can enjoy exhibition and sale of different contemporary and modern arts, ancient arts and antiques. There is a souvenir shop in the museum which houses antique crafts, hand-woven textile items, books, jewelry, lifestyle artifacts, wood carvings and palm fiber products. Visit the Spice Art Café at the museum to enjoy ethnic culinary items of the state.  You can also find separate shopping spaces for coffee, tea, Ayurvedic products, Aromatic perfumes and Organic Spices. An ethnic theatre is another attraction Kerala Folklore Museum where guests can enjoy various traditional art forms.

Easy To Reach

Kerala Folklore Museum locates at Thevara in Kochi. Cochin / Kochi International Airport is around 30 kilometers from this place. Ernakulam is the nearest railway station which is well connected with all the major towns and cities of Kerala as well as India. It is easy for the travelers to find KSRTC and private buses from the railway station and airport to reach this museum. You can also hire a taxi to reach this destination. Log on to know more about this picnic spot in Kochi and to plan your visit.

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