Kerala Farm Tourism

Fresh vegetables, fresh air and serene ambience, walking through a peaceful farm certainly help people to escape from their busy schedules and make their mind clear. Each one of you wishes to be in such a farm as soon possible for a unique travel experience. Farm tourism is relatively a new concept but Kerala is gaining popularity in this field. Being a state that gives importance to agriculture, Kerala has tremendous potential to draw travelers without the need of much additional investment. Contact Kochi Taxi or visit our website to get more details about Kerala Farm Tourism and the popular destinations that promote this concept.

A Part Of Rural Kerala Tourism

Unlike other tourism methods, farm tourism does not create any bad effect on our environment or natural resources. This growing part of tourism can be considered as a part of rural tourism like ecotourism or adventure tourism. Any agricultural activity that draws tourists can be considered farm tourism.

High Potential In Kerala For Farm Tourism

With approximately 30.22 lakhs hectares of gross cropped area, Kerala has high potential to grow in the field of farm tourism. Approximately 1/3rd of this area contains different plantations like rubber, tea, coffee, ginger, cardamom and other spices. Another 1/3rd of such area is for coconut plantations. In Kerala, paddy is cultivating in nearly 350,000 lakhs hectares of land. So, the state has great possibility to convert these cropped areas as tourist attractions. Besides, it has minimum involvement to transfer the benefits of tourism to farmers. The Tourism Department of Kerala has intended to bring different schemes to prepare farms or plantations to entice tourists. They are trying to develop a positive image of agriculture and farms for promoting farm tourism in Kerala.

The government has planned several projects for the preparation of Plantations or farms to receive tourists in Kerala. They try to present a positive image of agriculture and farm as a whole and attempt to revitalize the agriculture sector through tourism. Farm tourism is certainly a great way to increase the traffic to this lovely state. Getting close to nature is a wonderful way to stay away from many health problems and lifestyle diseases. Farm tourism helps people to get close to nature and experience a healthy lifestyle.

Things Involved In Kerala Farm Tourism

Those who visit the farms of the state will get the chance to spend some valuable moments in a serene ambience. A healthy walk through the rich green farms certainly rejuvenates each visitor. Besides, a stay in a farm is also a great way to satisfy your taste buds. In addition to mouth-watering recipes, each tourist can follow a healthy and balanced diet at these farm houses. The Government of Kerala arranges things to promote farm tourism and the things that arranged for the promotion involve:

  • Good accommodation facilities
  • Farm visits
  • Farms shops
  • Different farm activities
  • Guided walks in farms

Benefits Of Farm Tourism

There is no better way to experience the greenery of Kerala than farm tourism. It is an excellent way to explore the nature. Aside promoting tourism, this scheme helps locals and farmers to get financial stability. Tourists can be a part of the everyday agricultural activities through farm tourism. The additional income that they gained through this way can utilize for the farming and agricultural developments. Some of the key benefits of agricultural tourism are:

  • An opportunity to get close to nature
  • Involves group work
  • Opportunity to meet new people
  • Refresh and rejuvenate the mind and body


Great shopping opportunities for natural products are also a part of farm tourism. Buy some organic seeds from such farms in order to explore the farmer in you. Kerala is famous for its spices like pepper, clove, cardamom, ginger, turmeric and nutmeg and travelers can buy fresh spices from these organic farms. Fresh tea and coffee are also worth buying during your Kerala trip.

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