Kerala Cuisine

Palada Payasam

Kerala Cuisine reflects the multi regional and cultural aspects of Kerala. Keralites  also serve banana leaf meals (usually vegetarian) during lunch which can be an interesting and efficient way in which to enjoy your meal.

Kerala Drinks

Kerala is famous for tea and usually, it is consumed with sugar and milk. Some people are fond of taking ‘plain tea’ which means tea only with sugar and without milk. Crushed ginger can add more flavour to the tea. Keralites also like to have coffee.

Elaneer or tender coconut water can be called as traditional health drink of Kerala. People also like drinking water of young coconut. Tender coconut water is delicious and nutritious too. It  relieves thirst and introducing fluid to the body, nourishing the body, and stimulating or soothening to the individual. Elaneer is  appreciated for their flavour and also as a source of energy.

Kerala has local intoxicating drink called Toddy that is made from Coconut . A natural  drink that tastes a bit like cider. Coconut toddy is very popular alcoholic drink which is  made from  coconut tree sap. Toddy is made from young bud, extracts and ferments it. Toddy is reputed to have energetic power, keeping the  drinker healthy. Toddy tapping is the traditional employment of rural Kerala and this supplement their livelihood.

Kerala Signature Dishes

Puttu and Kadala – It is Kerala’s signature breakfast dish and a must cook menu in every Kerala house. In olden days, puttu used to be made in bamboo steamer

Pazham Pori – Pazham Pori is a sweet dish made with ripe banana dipped in flour mixed with sugar. It is usually sold in road side tea-shops.

Chakka Ada (Jackfruit ada) – In different regions chakka ada is called as Kumbilappam or Therali appam.Leaf wrapped fragrant, flavoured steamed Jackfruit cakes makes yourrrrrr mouth watered.

Kappa with Meen ( tapioca with fish curry )- It is a common man’s food and the toddy shop favourite dish.This combination brings genuine traditional Kerala taste.

Kadugu Manga ( tender mango pickle) – It is the unique homemade dish of Kerala and favourite pickle of Keralites

Palada Pradhaman – It is a sweet dessert which is made during Kerala festivals.  Paladapradhaman is made of flakes of cooked rice, milk, and sugar.

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