Kakkathuruthu is a Malayalam word which means the “Island of crows” listed by NatGeo among the best travel-worthy destinations in the world in their “Around the World in 24 Hours” photographic tour.

If you are a sunset lover, Kakkathuruthu is the right place to enjoy an incredible sunset. The place looks fabulous and spectacular when the sun goes down. It is a small backwater island in Kerala where you can enjoy amazing things. Kakkathuruthu is a Malayalam word which means the “Island of crows”. It is a matter of pride for every Keralite because this scenic island has been listed by NatGeo. They listed Kakkathuruthu among the best travel-worthy destinations in the world in their “Around the World in 24 Hours” photographic tour.

Just plan a visit to this beautiful spot at 6 in the evening in order to enjoy an impressive view of sunset.

Adorable Sunset At Kakkathuruthu

National Geo listed Kakkathuruthu in their ‘Around the World In 24 Hours’ list for its stunning sunset. Travelers love to visit this picturesque destination because of its amazing tourist attractions. They just love to spend an evening in this island paradise in tangled backwaters. It must be a beautiful sight for the visitors of the island to watch fishermen light lamps in the evening and doing fishing by casting nets into the astounding lagoon. In addition to the mesmerizing sunset, it is also lovable to see sari-wearing women going back home in skiffs. No doubt, an evening in this lovely spot can be a relaxing and memorable experience for each visitor.

A Small Sleepy Village

Kakkathuruthu is a small but scenic village in Alappuzha district in Kerala. It is a 4-kilometers island locates almost 75 kilometers away from Cochin / Kochi International Airport. Around 350-odd families are staying in this small village. The most important aspect of this picnic spot is that it is accessible only by boat. In fact, the island mainly connected by traditional rowboats. Holidaymakers can enter into a world of tranquility if they choose this destination to spend a few days. This is truly a serene place where farmers and fishermen share their life with travelers. You can unwind and spend some time away from the maddening modern life if you plan a trip to Kakkathuruthu.

Waiting For Development

Although Kakkathuruthu made it to the list of the most stunning destinations in the world compiled by the National Geographic Magazine, you cannot see any development in the place. Most of the inhabitants in the island are fishermen and they use tiny boats to go to the other side for buying things. The road becomes a pool of mud during rainy season. However the inhabitants of Kakkathuruthu are happy to know that their land has got world-wide recognition. They hope that this appreciation may bring development in their island.

How To Reach

Log on to www.ksu.in if you would like to plan a trip to Kakkathuruthu. We help you to enjoy a spectacular sunset in this island at 6 pm. The destination is accessible only by boat. It is on the Kochi-Alappuzha National Highway near Eramalloor. You need to travel around 75 kilometers from Kochi airport to reach this island. Many private boats operate from Kodupuram to Kakkathuruthu. You can also go directly to the Kakkathuruthu Jetty to reach the tiny island.

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