Kabini River

Kabini RiverKabini River is a popular river in Kerala rich in wildlife located in the Wayanad district flows eastward and joins Kaveri River in Karnataka. In fact, this is the river that forms the lifeline of the district. It is also known as Kabini or Kapila River and among the few east-flowing rivers in Kerala.  The most striking feature of this river is that there are many astonishing tourist attractions on the banks of this splendid river. Include them in your itinerary if you plan to visit Wayanad during your Kerala holidays.

Exotic Wildlife

The hilly areas on the banks of Kabini River are full of exotic wildlife. There are many animal species in these hills such as tigers, elephants and different species of monkeys. This is also a haven for several birds including some rare species. You can find so many animals on the banks of Kabini Lake during summer months due to the scarcity of water at that time. The Kabini Forest Reserve is very popular which is situated on the banks of Kabini River in the nearby Karnataka state. The rich wildlife made it one of the hot destinations for several Indian royalties and British Viceroys. Still travelers can find so many exciting wildlife and bird species on the banks of this lovely river.

Popular Dams along Kabini River

Wayanad district in Kerala is well known for its scenic nature, dense forests and rich wildlife.  In addition, you can find several dams in the district which are also excellent picnic spots for the travelers. It is interesting to know that there are 4 dams along Kabini River. They are Kabini Dam, Banasura Sagar Dam, Karapura Irrigation Dam and Chikkahole Dam. The well known Banasura Sagar Dam is constructed over a tributary of this river to reduce the water scarcity for drinking and irrigation and to back up the Kakkayam Hydro electric power project.

Tourist attractions on the banks Kabini River

In addition to support the irrigation and solve the water scarcity, the dams along Kabini River provide many fun-filled activities for the tourists. People love to indulge in trekking and boating while visiting the dams. You can also find children’s park on the banks of this river near to the dams. Kabini is the only river in the Kerala that flows out of the state. The famous Kuruva Islands in Wayanad also lies on the banks of kabini River which is a protected river delta area of around 950 acres.  Aside a wonderful picnic spot, it is a popular eco-tourist destination.

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