Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the popular tourist attractions in the Idukki district in Kerala. There are several well known wildlife sanctuaries in this district and it is one of them. Idukki is famous for its scenic nature. It is a forest filled district with rich wildlife. One can easily watch animals while driving through the roads of the destination and during your trekking.

Enchanting Idukki

Just watch plenty of wild animals by visiting the Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary. Compared to the Periyar Wildlife Reserve, this sanctuary is small. However, visitors can spot exotic flora and fauna at this park as well. Besides, the nature is at its best in this region. It is your excellent chance to spend some time close to nature. Remember to take marvelous photographs in the stunning backdrop of Idukki.

Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary

Idukki Wildlife sanctuary is a nature-rich destination which spreads over 105.364 sq km. This picnic spot spreads in the taluks of Thodupuzha and Udumpanchola. Besides, it located at a height of 450-748 meters above sea level. This wildlife park occupies the forest land between the Periyar and Cheruthoni rivers. A panoramic lake is another attraction of Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary. Surrounding this sanctuary, this lake covered by an awe-inspiring canopy of deciduous and tropical evergreen trees.  Never forget to enjoy boating in this lake during your trip to this wildlife sanctuary.

Exotic Wildlife

If you are a nature lover or wildlife enthusiast, Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is an ideal place for you. With lots of rare wildlife, it can be a perfect place for a family vacation. Children can spot many animals during their trip to this wildlife sanctuary. Some of the wildlife that you can watch is bison, elephants, jungle cats, wild boar, tiger, sambar deer and wild dogs. The park also houses a wide range of reptiles. You can spot snakes such as viper, cobra, kraits and several non-poisonous snakes.

A Lot Of Attractions

The forest in the region of Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary is an extension of Periyar. So, this place attracts travelers with its exotic flora and fauna. It is interesting to know that there are 3 dams near to this picnic spot in Idukki. Idukki Arch Dam is one of the main attractions near to this sanctuary.

Boating facilities are available in the artificial lake for travelers to Idukki Arch Dam. People love to visit the elephant sanctuary also during their trip to this dam. Get more information about Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary and the beautiful tourist attractions in the district by visiting our website

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