Idiyappam, also known as Noolappam or String Hoppers, is a popular South Indian dish, particularly in the states of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka. It is a type of steamed rice noodle made from a dough of rice flour, salt, and water. Idiyappam is commonly served as a breakfast dish or for dinner, accompanied by various curries or gravies.

Here’s a brief description of how Idiyappam is prepared:

  1. Dough Preparation:
    The dough for Idiyappam is made by mixing rice flour and salt in a bowl. Boiling water is then gradually added to the mixture while stirring continuously until a soft, pliable dough is formed. The dough should not be too dry or too sticky.
  2. Idiyappam Making:
    To make Idiyappam, a special utensil called an Idiyappam press or Sevai maker is used. It consists of a cylindrical tube with small holes at the bottom. The dough is loaded into the press, and then it is pressed through the holes onto circular molds or directly onto greased plates in a spiral shape. This process creates long, thin strands of rice noodles.
  3. Steaming:
    The Idiyappam strands are then steamed in a steamer or idli maker until they become tender and cooked. This usually takes around 5-10 minutes. Once cooked, the Idiyappam strands turn into delicate, translucent white noodles.

Idiyappam can be enjoyed in various ways:

  • Plain Idiyappam: The steamed Idiyappam strands can be served plain with a side of coconut chutney, sugar, or grated coconut.
  • Idiyappam with Curry: Idiyappam is often served with a variety of curries or gravies. Popular options include coconut milk-based curries, vegetable stew, egg curry, chicken curry, or fish curry. The soft and mild flavor of Idiyappam complements the spiciness and richness of the curries.
  • Sweet Idiyappam: Idiyappam can also be prepared as a sweet dish. It is mixed with jaggery syrup, grated coconut, and cardamom to create a sweet and aromatic version of the dish.

Idiyappam is loved for its light and delicate texture, making it an enjoyable and versatile dish. Whether it’s served plain, with curries, or in a sweet form, Idiyappam is a popular choice for breakfast or dinner in South Indian cuisine.

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