Garuda Temple Triprangode

Garuda Temple Triprangode is the only temple in dedicated to Garuda, the mount of Lord Vishnu located in the Malappuram District of Kerala. A lot of devotees and pilgrims visit this temple in order to pray to the temple and watch its half-eagle and half-man idol. Popularly known as the “Vellamaserry Garudan Kavu Temple”, it is situated near Alathiyur in the Tirur Taluk. Plan a hassle-free pilgrim trip in Kerala and explore the beautiful temples in the state through KSU.

A Temple For Garuda

Garuda is a powerful character in the epics of Mahabharatha and Ramayana. He is the mount/carrier of Lord Vishnu and has great importance in the Hindu mythology. This temple is dedicated to Lord Garuda and worshipped him in a half-eagle and half-man idol. There is a separate shrine in this temple for Lord Vishnu but in his Kurma Avatar (tortoise form). Tortoise is also an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. There is no other temple in India dedicated to Garuda and so it is a unique temple for Hindu devotees.

Architecture Of Garuda Temple Triprangode

Triprangode Garuda Temple is believed to be more than 1800 years old. It has a beautiful architecture and the main temple faces towards the west. However, the rest of the shrines in this complex face towards east. Special projections known as ‘Namaskara Mandapams’ are there in front of the sanctums of Lord Vishnu and Sankara Narayana. You can also see a balipura towards south for Lord Vishnu.

Significance Of Garuda Temple Triprangode

The shrines of other deities are also in the complex of Triprangode Garuda Temple. You can see the deities of Lord Ganesha, Bhagavathi, Bhadrakali and Sri Sastha on the western side of the temple. The deities of Veettekkaran and Kartha Veeryarjunan are on the left side of Garuda temple. A large temple pond is there towards its south side. Devotees visit this temple for attaining salvation, attaining knowledge, get relief from diseases, to acquire wealth and purchase of vehicles.

Offerings At Garuda Temple Triprangode

Devotees offer fruits and tender coconuts as offerings to Lord Garuda. Some seeds and insects are also offered to this deity. There is a practice of offering snakes to Garuda from ancient times as snakes are natural food for eagle. Devotees offer it also in order to acquire immunity from snake bites. For this ritual, devotees throw hundreds of snakes that kept on earthenware pots from the top of the Temple Gopuram.

Celebration Of Festivals

The most important celebration of the Garuda Temple is during the Mandala Period of Lord Ayyappa. This celebration lasts for 41 days and usually falls between mid-November to mid-December. All Sundays are also regarded auspicious to worship Lord Garuda. The 12th and 13th day of Dhanu, the Malayalam month is also regarded auspicious in this temple.

How To Reach Garuda Temple Triprangode

Located in the Malappuram district of Kerala at Triprangode, one can easily reach this temple by road. You can depend on the local transport to reach this shrine. Many private and government buses offer service to this temple. Tirur is the nearest railway station to the Garuda temple which is at a distance of 8 kilometers. Kozhikode railway station is approximately 11 kilometers away from this shrine. Contact KSU to plan a wonderful pilgrimage in Kerala with your friends and family.

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