Fujairah Free Zone

Fujairah Free Zone is a free trade zone that is situated in Fujairah, which is the only Emirates in UAE that is located on the east coast of Abu Dhabi.  This strategic and unique location of Fujairah plays an important role in its development.

Fujairah Free Zone is near to the port which enables the international investors to derive benefit from the convenient location. Investors can easily access all the Arabian Gulf ports, Red Sea, Iran, India and Pakistan by making use of the shipping services. There is an array of modern facilities in the port that helps to boost the growth of the Fujairah region.

Fujairah Free Zone is also adjacent to the Fujairah International Airport. It is the only airport in the east coast of UAE as well as northern Oman. The airport has the perfect and modern aviation and air cargo handling technology.

The standard of living of Fujairah is comparable to those of the modern developed nations. Fujairah is a striking combination of traditional values of the East and modern technologies of the west. Low cost of living is one of the many benefits of Fujairah free zone.

An ideal combination of geographic location with easy approach to all the important shipping routes in the world, an International airport and port, modernized procedures all make Fujairah free zone the ideal place for investment and business. Accessibility, connectivity and economy are the major attractions of this free trade zone.

Faster transaction benefits the investors which results in short delivery time for all government procedures. An unparalleled economy with tariff rates that is cheaper and minimum start up time are the other benefits of Fujairah free zone. You can avail license within one working day. Establishment expenses that are minimum and lower overheads makes this free zone the ideal platform for investments.

The major advantages of Fujairah free zone are as follows
[list type=”arrow”][li]Connectivity to neighboring and international centres by sea, air and land[/li] [li]A wide range of investment fields[/li] [li]Adept and cost effective investment facilities[/li] [li]Economic policies in which the investor is the major focus[/li] [li]Complete investment security[/li] [li]Easy access to Fujairah port and Fujairah International Airport[/li] [li]Complete ownership that is 100 percent[/li] [li]Tax exemption that is 100 percent[/li] [li]Complete repatriation of capital and profits[/li] [/list]

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