Forts in Kerala

Everybody loves to visit forts because there is a history lover in all of us. Kerala has a rich history and heritage and the best way to experience them is by visiting the majestic forts in the state. Although most of them built many years ago, still they stand out as a proof to the test of time. Once you visit the forts of Kerala, you will be surprised to see how they have maintained its beauty and charm throughout these years.

Kerala is such an Indian state that witnessed the invasion of different foreign powers and political activities. Many empires and various rulers reigned this region. As a result, the state got so many palaces and forts. Many of them have built by Europeans or got the influence of European architecture.  A lot of forts and palaces made by Indian rules like Hyder Ali modified later by Europeans.

As you know, most of the palaces and forts in the country narrate a lot about the history of kings and their kingdoms. They attract a lot of visitors from far and near. Many of the forts in Kerala such as Bekal Fort, Palakkad Fort and St. Angelo’s Fort speak a lot about the influence of foreign architecture.  Add these forts in your itinerary if you plan a trip to Kerala and just fall in love with these amazing pieces of architecture. Here is the list of some of the most popular forts in Kerala.

Anjengo Fort: The main attraction of this fort is that it locates between the backwaters and the sea. This elegant fort originally built as a depot by the Portuguese in order to store commodities. Later the British converted it as a fort.   There is a beautiful garden in front of this monument in addition to old tombstones.  Anjengo Fort is almost 20 kilometres south of Varkala.

Bekal Fort:  This largest fort in Kerala is more than 300 years old which stands on around 35 acres of head land. Locates on the National Highway nearly 16 kilometres south of Kasargod, this fort preserves in a good condition. The circular laterite structure of this fort is truly impressive that rises almost 130 feet above sea level.

Chandragiri Fort: This elegant fort built by the Sivappa Naik of Bedanore in the 17th century. It locates on the banks of the lovely Chandragiri River. Travel towards the South-East of Kasargod Town in order to watch this fort. It must be a beautiful experience to watch the fabulous views of the Chandragiri River and Arabian Sea from this fort.

Kanhangad /Hosdurg Fort:  Famous ruler of the Ikkeri dynasty, Somashekhara Nayak built a chain forts and Kanhangad Fort is one among them. The world famous spiritual centre called, Nithyanandashram also locates at this fort.

Palakkad Fort / Tippu’s Fort: This fort is famous as the Tippu’s Fort. Although it built in the year 1766 by Hyder AN, British made several modifications in 1790. Today, Archaeological survey of India preserves this fort.

Pallipuram Fort: You can reach this fort by travelling 5 kilometres from Cherai. Locates at North Paravur, visitors can find many antiques at this historical spot. It is worth visiting the Pallipuram Fort if you love to explore historical destinations.

St. Angelo Fort: Located almost 3 kilometres from Kannur, it is a laterite seafront fort built in 1505 AD. With the permission of the then ruler, Kolathiri Raja, first Portuguese Viceroy, Don Francisco De Almeda constructed this tourist attraction. Even if the fort built by Portuguese, it later came into the hands of Dutch and finally to English. In fact, this fort was a vital military centre of the Biritsh in the Malabar region.

Thalasseri Fort: Built in the year 1708, this fort was also a military centre of the British in Malabar. You can reach this spot by covering around 22 kilometres from Kannur. There are several prominent places and tourist attractions near this historical monument. Some of them are the Jagannatha Temple, The Sports’ Authority of India Gymnastic centre, Thiruvangad Sreerama Temple and an old mosque.

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