Fascinating Tales About Lord Ayyappa

After King Rajashekhara adopted the infant Ayyappa, his biological son, Raja Rajan, was born. Both boys were raised as royal princes. Ayyappa displayed remarkable intelligence and excelled in martial arts. His profound knowledge of various scriptures, or shastras, earned the admiration of all. Even in his childhood, well before he revealed his divine and godly nature as Lord Ayyappa (then known as Manikanda), his extraordinary powers astounded those around him. Upon completing his princely education and studies with distinction, he decided to offer guru dakshina to his teacher. Recognizing his divine potential, his guru humbly requested him to bless his speech- and sight-impaired son. In response, Manikanta placed his hand upon the boy, and a miraculous transformation occurred as the child regained his ability to see and speak. Manikanta, however, requested that his extraordinary powers remain a secret and returned to his royal quarters.

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