Entry to Meesappulimala

Meesappulimala: Get an entry only through the special tour packages of Forest Development Corporation. 

Kerala Forest Development Corporation offers two packages for the travelers to get an entry to Meesappulimala which include food and accommodation. Meesappulimala is among the most beautiful tourist attractions in Munnar. It has been a favorite spot for many adventure lovers because of its scenic trekking trails. A lot of travelers visit this tourist spot in order to enjoy its mist clad hills and gorgeous valleys. Besides, this rocky hillock offers many pleasant views. People usually choose the Suryanelli-Kolukkumalai route to reach Meesappulimala. However, you cannot trek through that route anymore to reach this destination. The sub collector of Devikulam restricted the trekking to Meesappulimala through Suryanelli-Kolukkumalai route.

Special Tour Package

It is important to collect an entry pass from the Forest Development Corporation if you plan a trip to Meesappulimala through Kolukkumalai. So, you need to opt for the package tour of Forest Department in order to reach this elegant tourist spot. Instead of Suryanelli-Kolukkumalai route, this package takes you to Meesappulimala through Munnar-Silent Valley way. Several complaints have received against few Jeep drivers and employees of some private tea factories at Suryanelli to the authority. They have issued unauthorized entry pass for the travelers and collected money to trek to Meesappulimala through Kolukkumalai.  The forest department has taken the new decision based on these complaints.

A Reserve Forest Area

People could easily trek through Kolukkumalai to reach Meesappulimala.  But most of them spoil the ecosystem by throwing plastics and other wastes to the forests. This is also a reason to restrict the trekking through this area. Besides, Kolukkumalai is a part of Tamil Nadu. Many travelers use this way to reach Meesappulimala without getting permission from the officials of Kerala Forest Department. Mr. Sree Rama Venkatraman, the sub collector of Devikulam issued order to restrict trekkers through Kolukkumalai considering all these factors. Meesappulimala is a reserve forest area which has given by the Forest Department to the Forest Development Corporation on lease for tourism purposes.

Two Different Tour Packages

You need to travel around 19 kilometers to reach Meesappulimala from Munnar through Silent Valley. But, trekkers need to take prior permission from the Kerala Forest Development Corporation.  Travelers find difficulty to reach the destination through this route.  The last 7 kilometers near Meesappulimala has no vehicle facility. The tour packages of Forest Development Corporation include two different tour packages.

The first 1 ½ day package costs Rs.7000 which includes the accommodation and 3 time meals of 2 travelers. If you choose this package, the Forest Department arrange vehicle from Munnar for your Meesappulimala trip. They also bring back you to the same place after 1 ½ day.  The second package costs only Rs.3500 but it has no vehicle facility. Travelers who choose this package should walk around 10 kilometers. However, they can find accommodation in the tents at Meesappulimala. The service of guides is available in both the packages. Remember, the Forest Development Department does not allow the entry of more than 64 people in day to this majestic tourist place.

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