Due To The Increase In The Number Of Sabarimala Pilgrims, The Pilgrimage Duration Is Extended

The virtual queue booking limit for Sabarimala darshan has been reduced to 80,000. The decision aims to manage the crowd and reduce the waiting time for devotees. The Devaswom Board has also mentioned that spot booking facilities will be available for devotees. The pilgrimage season in Sabarimala has been extended due to increased pilgrim influx, with darshan allowed from 3 am to 11 pm.

Devotees are required to book darshan slots in advance, and the virtual queue system will be in place from 3 am to 11 pm. The decision to extend the darshan time was made to accommodate the continuous flow of pilgrims over two days. Devotees are urged to plan their visit accordingly.

During the two-day period, the darshan time at Sabarimala extended from 14 hours to over 18 hours, starting from 4 am to 10 pm. Pilgrims arriving in Pampa on Saturdays are permitted darshan on Sundays. Devotees were informed that darshan could be booked through the virtual queue system for up to 70,000 on Sundays and up to 90,000 on Mondays.

The board clarified that the darshan time might be extended by two hours, depending on the prevailing circumstances. However, recent inquiries revealed that the High Court was informed that there would be no extension, and the board had communicated the same to the Devaswom Board’s High-Level Committee.

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The board also confirmed that the pilgrimage to Sabarimala would be conducted from 14 hours before the neyyabhishekam to 18 hours afterward. Devotees are advised that there are no facilities available in the queue complex, and pilgrims should be prepared accordingly. The police and the Devaswom Board jointly manage the crowd control during the pilgrimage.

The board emphasized that no special privileges would be granted for those increasing their presence during the peak pilgrimage season. The police and the Devaswom Board will take measures to ensure proper crowd control. The decision to halt spot booking facilities for pilgrims was made to maintain order and discipline during the pilgrimage.

The board also mentioned that the police would request the closure of the Sannidhanam if the situation demands. The board has set specific guidelines for controlling the crowd and ensuring the safety of pilgrims. The board further clarified that no announcement had been made regarding increasing the virtual queue limit to eighty thousand.

In conclusion, the Sabarimala pilgrimage is subject to various regulations and guidelines to ensure the safety and convenience of the devotees during the pilgrimage season.

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