Discovering Kerala

Nestled between the Arabian Sea to the West, the majestic Western Ghats to the East, and interlaced with 44 interconnected rivers, Kerala stands as a captivating destination with a distinctive blend of geographical wonders. Its extensive coastline features tranquil beaches, serene backwaters, lush hill stations, and diverse wildlife, creating an enticing allure for travelers. Notably, each of these enchanting locales is just a two-hour drive away from one another, a unique advantage unmatched anywhere else on the globe.

Kerala takes pride in preserving its cultural heritage while embracing progress and growth. Achieving a hundred percent literacy rate, boasting world-class healthcare systems, and holding records for India’s lowest infant mortality and highest life expectancy rates reflect the state’s commitment to societal well-being.

Geographically, Kerala comprises three distinct regions: the Highlands cascading from the Western Ghats to the Midlands, undulating hills and valleys leading to a continuous 580 km coastline adorned with picturesque backwaters. The landscape alternates between dense forests, tea and coffee plantations, and various forms of cultivation, enveloping the state in lush greenery for a consistently calming experience.

Blessed with a pleasant and equable climate year-round, Kerala offers a tropical haven for relaxation. The seasons, marked by monsoons (June-September and October-November) and summer (February-May), with a slight winter drop in temperature, contribute to the overall agreeable climate.

Kerala stands out as one of India’s most progressive states, emphasizing social welfare and a high quality of life. The state’s remarkable achievements include high literacy rates, extended life expectancy, and low child mortality rates. With a unique cosmopolitan perspective, Kerala ensures that its people, across all societal levels, have enhanced access to services, opportunities, and participation in governance.

Historically, Kerala’s narrative intertwines with its spice trade, earning it the title of the Spice Coast of India. The region hosted travelers and traders from various corners of the world, leaving imprints from the Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch, French, to the British. These influences have shaped Kerala’s distinctive way of engaging with the global community.

Situated on the southwestern coast of India, Kerala is enriched with major cities like Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kochi, Thrissur, and Kozhikode. The state boasts well-connected airports, including Thiruvananthapuram International Airport, Cochin International Airport (CIAL) in Nedumbassery, Calicut International Airport in Karipur, and Kannur International Airport.

For assistance and safety, Kerala provides dedicated helplines: +91 98461 00100 for highway travel and +91 98462 00100 for train travel.

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