Dharmadam Island

Dharmadam Island is a scenic getaway spot in Kerala located between Kannur and Thalasserry almost 100 meters away from the Dharmadam Beach. It is an ideal place for people who look for a tranquil and secluded picnic spot in North Kerala. Travelers love to visit this uninhabited island which is covered with a canopy of coconut palms. Surrounded by the sea on one side and mainland rivers on the other three sides, visitors love the scenic and tranquil ambience of this getaway.

An Uninhabited Island

Dharmadam Island is a 5 acre green island covered with wild bushes. This island is formed due to the lateritic rock projection between the sea and the two arms of the Anjarakkandy River. Visitors can walk to the island during low tide. It shall be an exciting experience for the travelers to walk through the less –than knee deep water and reaching this secluded island. However, it is important to return before the tides at this place get stronger. If you want to visit the Dharmadam Island, you can take a boat alternatively from the south end of nearby Moidu Bridge which is located in the Kannur-Thalasserry highway.

Tourism Potential

It is interesting to know that Dharmadam Island was a privately owned property. However, the Kerala Government has taken this island a few years ago after realizing its tourism potential. Even if this island is uninhabited, you can see a well in this place that indicates the human presence. In addition to coconut palms and wild bushes, you can also see medicinal herbs and some other plants in this island.

Nearest Tourist Attractions Of Dharmadam Island

You can visit the nearest tourist places in Kannur and Thalassery if you plan a trip to the lovely Dharmadam Island. Thalasserry Town is only 4 kilometers away from this picnic spot. Besides, the immaculate Muzhuppilangad drive-in-beach is only 200 meters away from this island paradise. It is the only-drive in beach in the state. This beach is also considered as one of the best drive-in-beaches even in the country. Dharmadam-Muzhuppilangad coastal belt is getting popular among tourists because of the access to this drive-in-beach.

How To Reach Dharmadam Island

Located in the Kannur district near Thalasserry, travel to the Dharmadam Island is pretty easy. You can take private buses from these destinations to reach this main island. For people who take long-distance limited-stop buses like Kannur-Kozhikode service, it is wise to check beforehand whether these buses have stop at Dharmadam. You can also hire a taxi or auto rickshaw from Thalasserry or Kannur to reach this picnic spot. Kozhikode International Airport is the nearest airport to this destination which is around 98 kilometers away. Thalasserry is the nearest railway station which is almost 5 kilometers from Dharmadam Island.

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