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Chittoor Kottaram: Embrace Royalty Amidst Kerala’s Backwaters

Nestled within the tranquil village of Chittoor, on the outskirts of Cochin (Kochi) in Kerala, India, Chittoor Kottaram stands as a testament to luxury and heritage. Once the esteemed residence of the Maharaja of Kochi in the 18th century, this opulent estate, now under the care of CGH Earth, beckons guests to a private retreat infused with history and charm.


Chittoor Kottaram rests along the serene banks of the backwaters, offering guests unparalleled views of Kerala’s natural splendor. Its idyllic setting ensures a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Nearby Attractions:

  • Chettinad Palace Temple: Delve into history at the Chettinad Palace Temple, a sacred site with deep ties to the origins of Chittoor Kottaram.
  • Backwaters of Kerala: Embark on a journey through Kerala’s iconic backwaters, where you’ll encounter diverse flora and fauna amidst a picturesque landscape.
  • Fort Kochi: Immerse yourself in the colonial charm of Fort Kochi, home to architectural marvels and storied past.
  • Muziris: Explore the ancient port city of Muziris, an archaeological gem showcasing Kerala’s maritime legacy.
  • Ernakulam: Discover the vibrant city life of Ernakulam, Kerala’s commercial hub, just a short distance away.

Contact Details:

For inquiries and reservations, visit CGH Earth’s website or refer to the contact details provided there.

Experience Exclusivity and Serenity

At Chittoor Kottaram, luxury merges seamlessly with history. Arrive via boat to step into a bygone era, where dedicated staff cater to your every need. The property exudes understated elegance, with tranquil plunge pools reminiscent of ancient temple ponds, offering secluded spaces for relaxation.

For an unforgettable blend of history, luxury, and cultural immersion, Chittoor Kottaram awaits your arrival.

Chittoor Kottaram Photogallery

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