Chica Loca Noida

Chica Loca Noida

Sunny Leone Expands Into the Restaurant Industry in Noida

Sunny Leone, renowned for her thriving career in both acting and entrepreneurship, has recently diversified her portfolio with the inauguration of a new restaurant. Collaborating with her husband, Daniel Weber, the 42-year-old actress unveiled their first dining establishment, ChicaLoca, in Noida. The restaurant, spanning two floors, provides patrons with a glimpse into the actress’s glamorous lifestyle.

In a recent interview, Sunny expressed, ‘I believe entertainers shouldn’t limit themselves to just films and TV shows. It’s crucial to explore new avenues and endeavors to expand our brand in diverse ways.’

Sharing her ambitions, Sunny unveiled her goal to “dominate the world.” She underscored the significance of delving into diverse business prospects and innovating new concepts. According to Sunny, individuals in the entertainment industry should not confine themselves to just films and TV shows but should explore diverse avenues to enhance their brand value.

Sunny Leone is committed to investing in or establishing a range of businesses, prioritizing innovation and the creation of distinctive concepts. She underscores the importance of entertainers diversifying into uncharted territories, actively contributing to the broadening of their brand through various avenues.

Sahil Baweja, the director of Singing Bowls Hospitality and Sunny’s collaborator in this endeavor, expressed their shared objective of crafting an atmosphere that mirrors Sunny’s vibrant energy and joyful persona.

Chica Loca presents a diverse menu featuring a contemporary take on Indian, Asian, European, and Italian cuisine, inspired by Sunny Leone’s extensive travels. Sunny reflects on the culinary journey, stating, ‘From the comforting paranthas prepared by my mother to the lively tacos relished in Cancun, Mexico, from the sophisticated sushi enjoyed at corporate launches to the carefree burgers savored during kids’ day out in California—each dish encapsulates a unique moment of love.’

Visit Gulshan One29 on the fourth floor of Sector 129, Noida every day from 11 am to 1:30 pm.

Cost for a party of two: Rs 1,200

To secure your reservation, please call: +91 9990082799

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