Cheruthoni Dam – Idukki, Kerala

The Cheruthoni Dam is a concrete gravity dam located in the Idukki district of Kerala, India. It is a part of the larger Idukki Hydroelectric Project, which also includes two other dams: the Idukki Dam and the Kulamavu Dam. The dam is built across the Periyar River, which is the longest river in the state of Kerala.

Here are some key details about the Cheruthoni Dam:

  1. Purpose: The primary purpose of the Cheruthoni Dam is to generate hydroelectric power. It is one of the major power stations in the state of Kerala and plays a significant role in meeting the electricity requirements of the region.
  2. Construction: The construction of the Cheruthoni Dam began in 1967 and was completed in 1976. It is made of concrete and has a height of 138 meters (453 feet). The dam has a length of 650 meters (2,133 feet) and a width of 42 meters (138 feet) at the base.
  3. Reservoir: The Cheruthoni Dam forms a reservoir known as the Idukki Reservoir or Idukki Lake. It is one of the largest artificial lakes in India, with a capacity of 1,680 million cubic meters (1,363,000 acre-feet). The reservoir provides water for irrigation, drinking purposes, and power generation.
  4. Power Generation: The Cheruthoni Dam has an installed capacity of 1,500 megawatts (MW). It houses three underground power stations, each equipped with turbines and generators. The hydroelectric power generated from the dam is an important source of electricity for the state of Kerala.
  5. Tourism: The Cheruthoni Dam and the surrounding Idukki Reservoir attract tourists due to their scenic beauty. The dam is located amidst lush green hills and offers panoramic views of the reservoir and the surrounding landscape. Visitors can enjoy boating and engage in other recreational activities in the reservoir.

The Cheruthoni Dam is an important infrastructure project in Kerala, contributing to power generation, irrigation, and tourism in the region.

The Cheruthoni Dam is a concrete gravity dam built across the Periyar River located in the Idukki district in Kerala near Idukki Arch Dam. One can reach this picnic spot only by a jeep or by foot. Travelers can enjoy boating through this dam. KSEB or Kerala State Electricity Board looks after this region. They rent out boats for travelers in order to enjoy cruise. Cheruthoni River runs through the village of Cheruthoni which is a tributary of Periyar. Never forget to visit the Cheruthoni Dam if you plan to visit the Idukki Arch Dam.

Concrete Gravity Dam

The concrete gravity dam, Cheruthoni is built across the Periyar River in the year 1976. It is a famous picnic spot in Idukki and people who visit the Idukki Arch Dam also prefer to visit this dam. This dam is almost 3917 feet above sea level from where visitors can enjoy mind-blowing views of the surroundings. Even one can enjoy a few areas of the Kochi city during a clear day from this spot. Astounding nature is the main attraction of the Cheruthoni Dam. This picnic spot is also near to Painavu, the administrative headquarters of the district, Idukki.

Enjoy A Cruise

Idukki is famous for its enchanting greenery and rich wildlife. In fact, this district offers plenty of stunning tourist attractions. Idukki Arch Dam and Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary are two main tourist attractions in the district. A lot of holidaymakers and honeymoon couples choose Thekkady and Munnar for their trip. These two hill stations are also belong to this district. The Cheruthoni Dam is a part of KSEB and they rent out boats for visitors. You will certainly love the 2-hour cruise through the lovely dam during your visit to this picnic spot.

A Part Of Idukki Hydro Electric Project

It is interesting to know that the Cheruthoni Dam built on the Periyar River as a part of the Idukki Hydro Electric project. This 138 meters tall dam constructed around 2300 feet above mean sea level works as a spillway dam. It helps to control the water level of the common reservoir. The shutters of this dam used to lift in order to reduce the water level during emergency or contingent situations. People love to visit this region so that they can enjoy the mind-blowing nature. In fact, the 3 dams in the region, its common reservoir, picturesque mountain ranges and the stunning greenery attract travelers from different parts of the world.

The Cheruthoni Dam is a must-visit tourist attraction in Idukki. The dam and the scenic surroundings make each visitor refreshed. Plan your trip to Idukki and know the beautiful attractions in the district through our website.

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