Abu Dhabi Camel Safari

Abu Dhabi Camel Safari is one of the interesting activities that you should not miss while in Abu Dhabi. It is undoubtedly the most thrilling and exciting trip to be experienced in the desert terrain of Abu Dhabi. The trip includes a camel ride to desert enjoying the environs in its natural surroundings with your family and dear ones. Here you could experience what camel ride is all about and you will get the feeling of the life in the desert and how people used to travel in the earlier days when automobiles were not there.

During the past era, before the discovery of motor vehicles the service of the ‘ship of the desert’ was the only alternative. We took the service of it as taken for granted and the desert life become humanely possible because of it. The ancestors of the present Emiratis depended on this majestic animal to cover long distances and these animals served their masters sincerely.

The trip consists of climbing and coming down vast sand dunes and trekking through vast stretches of pictorial desert on a camel back is something very unique. You would have seen such scenes only in movies, this magical experience is happening to you and you will feel that you are in the period of Arabian Nights. By going for this journey you are getting a genuine chance to experience the nomadic lifestyle of ancient times.

Visitors can choose their safari trip based on duration. It can be an hour’s ride or an overnight expedition, you can make the choice according to what your time permits. An overnight expedition is most enjoyable, because you will the experiencing the night life of the desert, where serenity encounters you, watch the stars in the sky lying in the desert sands, and of course the Bedouin tent recreated for you.

Attractions of the Abu Dhabi Desert Camel Safari Trip

  • Ride through the Al Ain Desert in top of the camel
  • Snacks at Hilton Al Ain Hotel
  • Served with authentic Arabic coffee and tea
  • Enjoy Abu Dhabi Desert in classic caravan style
  • A great opportunity to understand and learn about the animal closely


  • Transportation
  • Camel Ride
  • Coffee
  • Tea

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