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The Brunton Boatyard Hotel, CGH Earth property is moored on a historic stretch of Cochin’s famed harbour, Brunton Boatyard Hotel was resurrected from the remains of a Victorian shipyard. Today, it gives the modern traveller a unique opportunity to dwell amidst the shadow plays of 19th century history.

Living All of the Brunton Boatyard Hotel’s 22 rooms overlook the sea, and so, by happy circumstance, do the en-suite bathrooms. Dining The Brunton Boatyard Hotel is your chance to dine from, literally, a melting pot. All the cultures that came to the Malabar Coast over three centuries can be sampled in a single evening. Discovering Armed with a map and some comfortable footwear, you can tour the historic Fort Cochin area where the hotel stands. Sadly, little remains of the fort itself, but the other legacies of history are everywhere.

Location : Calwati Road, Fort Cochin, Kochi
Pone : +91 484 4261711
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