Best Time To Visit Kerala

[blockquote align=”right”]Kerala, a South Indian state blessed with nature fascinates travelers for many reasons and get an idea about the weather before planning your visit. [/blockquote]

Visiting Kerala, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, can be a dream of many people. Located at the southern-end of the country, this state has a rich and colorful culture and history. If you are planning to visit this eye-catching place, you may have checked its must-visit places and looked so many images. Even you may be made a travel itinerary. However, you may face the problem while booking the tickets because you may not know the best time to visit this state. Most of us read about the heavy monsoons and tough summer of Kerala. Of course, you cannot imagine chilling at the beach during rain. There is no point of travelling all the way to this tourist spot if you cannot get out and exploring its stunning tourist attractions. Don’t worry, read this article to know the best time to visit Kerala and roam around for a memorable holiday experience.

Everybody knows that Kerala is a beautiful tourist destination that blessed with nature. The geographical location helps travelers to visit this state without any difficulty. Besides, it houses three major international airports. Popularly known as the ‘God’s Own Country’, this awe-inspiring state is an abode for nature lovers, cultural aesthetes and of course foodies. In fact, this state is an assortment of many things. Travelers from all over the world have been attracted to this beautiful land for several centuries because of its rich spices. Of course, there are many reasons now to visit Kerala but it is convenient to know the best time to visit this state. It will help you to explore the magical land of spices more conveniently.

Summer In Kerala

Many people believe that the weather in Kerala is amazing and equitable because of its rich greenery, backwaters and rivers. It would have been true some years back but the scenario has changed after the phenomenon of global warming. In fact, summers in this southernmost Indian state is horrible and as bad as the summers of some other regions of the country. But there is a lot to explore in Kerala. You would just love to take a stroll along the beautiful streets in Kochi. The busy markets of Kozhikode are always fascinating. Spending some time at the beaches of Kerala is certainly a wonderful experience. Each visitor to the state loves to walk around a lot during their trip to the state. And summers are not the perfect time to visit this state.

The weather during summers in Kerala is humid and it makes us sweat a lot. It is inconvenient for travelers to take beautiful photographers with sweat. Everybody loves to look good in their photographs. Most of the travelers do not survive in the state without air conditioning. However, if you are looking for an attractive tan, head to one of the immaculate beaches of Kerala. The beaches in this state look awe-inspiring during summers. Each of you loves to take a refreshing swim in the sea on a hot summer day. You will not be able to do this activity during monsoon. In fact, the beaches in the state are not safe to swim during the monsoon season. Visiting the waterfalls in the state is also not safe during this season. Even if you try to enter them, the guards may close them down because they consider the rain as a precautionary sign.

Hill stations are the best destinations to visit if you visit the state during summers. The weather in the hill stations of Kerala is amazing during this time. There are many hill stations in the state such as Munnar, Thekkady, Devikulam and Ponmudi. They are not just for enjoying walking but also ideal for trekking or camping. You just love to stay outdoors most of the time during your trip to these hill stations in Kerala.

Monsoon In Kerala

If you love rains, Kerala is the best place to enjoy its charm. In fact, the heavy rain in the state makes it a green destination. Kerala receives two sets of monsoon and both of them are strong. Instead of drizzles, the rain here pours down with vigor. Lighting, thunder and wind are very common during the rainy season in Kerala. Even though the rain in this state is entertaining, it shall be terrifying also sometimes. This sort of weather is troublesome for many people in the state including travelers. However, monsoon in Kerala is a thing to experience.

You will certainly love to wake up to a morning that is wet from the rain in the previous night. It shall be one of the sweetest things in the world. As soon you step outside, the cool breeze that touches can rejuvenate you. Rain will be there in Kerala throughout the day during some days of monsoon- sometimes heavy rains while sometimes just light drizzles. Do not forget to dance a little during the heavy rains.

Even though monsoon in Kerala is beautiful and mesmerizing, many travelers do not prefer to explore the state during this time. But monsoon is a great time for people who search for a relaxing vacation. What you need to do is to find out a cottage or homestay somewhere a little away from the main city. Simply listen music, read books, eats, sleep, meditate or drink hot coffee or tea while hearing the music of the rain.

There is a lot to enjoy in Kerala whatever may the season that you choose to visit the state. The weather does not spoil your plans for a vacation in this destination. Still, many people choose to visit this state from September to May. All other months are equally suitable for some holidays. It is wise not planning a complete outdoor trip during summer season or an all-beach trip during heavy rains. You must also remember to carry sunscreen lotions and umbrella to face any season in Kerala. Do not let the weather in the state to stop you from enjoying a Kerala trip.

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