Banasura Hill

Banasura Hill in Wayanad is a part of Western Ghats and second highest mountain in the district attracts tourists with its scenic nature. Exploring the picturesque district of Wayanad can be a mind-blowing experience for the travelers because of the stunning tourist attractions and thrilling activities that it offers.  It is a favorite spot for many nature lovers because of the presence of several unique medicinal plants and herbs.

A mist-clad hill area

Located at an enchanting mountain range, this beautiful tourist destination is at an altitude of around 3200 ft above sea level in mist-clad area of Wayanad. Many adventure travelers choose Banasura Hill for trekking. Besides, people love to visit this area to know more about the tribal settlements here. You can find 4 tribal settlements at the base of this hill but most of them are belonging to the Kurichiya tribe. It must be exciting for the visitors to visit their settlements and know more about their life.

Tribal settlements in Banasura Hill

The tribal people at Banasura Hill especially the Kurichiya tribe have excellent martial tradition. They are experts in using bow and arrow and many of their forefathers joined with Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja to fight against British and drawn a guerilla war against them. These tribes have deep knowledge about the landscape of the area. Banasura Hill is a rugged area with thick forests. In addition, it has many streams, water courses and caves and the natives of the area have deep knowledge about the topography. Travelers will truly enjoy spending time with the tribal people at Banasura Hill.

Enjoy Trekking

Banasura Hill in Wayanad is an ideal spot for trekking. Travelers can find great accommodation facilities in the Banasura Hill Resort, a beautiful eco-friendly resort with earth architecture. An ideal trekking track begins just 500 meters beyond this elegant resort. The thunderous waterfall along the way can be stunning and spectacular. The environment of Banasura Hill is heavily wooded and a great haven for many rare birds, butterflies and insects. Many bird watchers find it an ideal place to see different types of unique bird species.

How to reach

Banasura Hill is at Vellmunda village near Mananthavady and you need to take deviation from there towards Pulinjal to reach this marvelous tourist destination. Banasura Hill resort is nearly 1.5 kilometers from Pulinjal.  Calicut / Kozhikode International Airport is around 111 kilometers from Banasura Hill while Kozhikode railway station is 89 kilometers from this tourist spot.

Best time to visit

From November to May is the best time to visit Banasura Hill and enjoy trekking.

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