Backwaters Of Kerala

Backwaters of Kerala are a chain of brackish lakes, canals and lagoons situated on the Malabar Coast Of Kerala, God’s Own country, in Southern India. The backwaters of Kerala are interlaced with the astonishing greenery of the state.

The rainwater of Kerala dives through the hills and mountains merging with the 40 rivers of Kerala resulting in the creation of intricate zig zag waterways, canals, streams, estuarieslagoons and other water bodies, forming the captivating backwaters of Kerala. The zig zag waters that cross the state from the North to south along a 400mile stretch isone of the main temptations oftourists of Kerala.

The entire view of the backwaters are radiant with striking beauty. The shores of the backwaters are decorated with lush greenery, swaying palm fields and emerald colored paddy fields. A network of lakes and water reservoir form the backwaters. Among these, the Vembanad Lake is the largest lake of Kerala.

All the water bodies result in the formation of an exclusive ecosystem. The water bodies move with great zeal to merge with the sea at certain places providing flood prevention and drainage. The water of the lagoons are salty during summers. The waters of the Vembanad Lake is brackish during summers, but the saltiness of the water is absorbed by the roots of the mangrove trees. This turns Vembanad Lake into a freshwater lake.

A vision of the life along the shores of the backwaters is also interesting to watch. We can see people fishing, bathing, washing clothes on the banks of the water. While gliding through the backwaters and absorbing the tranquility of nature, never forget to get a glimpse of the curious village life of the people of Kerala. The banks are adorned with temples, churches, houses etc. People here seek the help of the boat services to move from one place to another and to the nearby roads. The fishermen can be seen in their rowing boats. Traders can be seen in the traditional Kerala boat moving from one place to another. Coir making is a major profession in this part of the world, with the backwaters best suited for this.

The backwaters house rare species of birds including the parakeets, cormorants and darters. Kollam, Alleppey and Kumarakom in the south and Calicut in the north are the hot backwater areas. A cruise along the backwaters in a houseboat enjoying the placidity of the nature is an experience which will remain immortal in your memories.

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