Ayiroor Cherukolpuzha Hindumatha Parishad 2024

The Ayiroor Cherukolpuzha Hindumatha Parishad is scheduled to take place from the 4th to the 11th of February this year. The event is being organized by the Chattambi Swami Samadhi Shatabdi Smarag Parishad.

The inauguration of the conference will be carried out by Swami Swaroopananda, the Chief of Chinmaya Mission, at 4 pm.

On the 5th, Swami Satchidananda, President of Dharmacharya Sabha Shivagiri Mutt, will inaugurate the session at 4 pm. The Minister of Culture, Ramachandran Kadannappalli, will follow suit on the 6th at 4 pm. Additionally, on the 7th, the Ayyappa devotional meeting will be led by PS Prasanth, the President of Travancore Devaswom Board.

Swami Sandrananda will inaugurate the Mahaguru Anusmaran Sabha Aruvipuram at 4 pm on the 9th.

A women’s conference is scheduled for the 10th at 4 pm, and the concluding session on the 11th at 4 pm will be inaugurated by C.V. Ananda Bose, the Bengal Governor.

The annual Cherukolpuzha Hindu Religious Convention takes place on the banks of the Pamba River at Cherukole in Kerala every February. The dates for the Cherukolpuzha Hindu Matha Convention 2024 are from February 4 to February 10. This religious gathering occurs approximately 12 km away from the renowned Aranmula Temple.

The annual Cherukolpuzha Hindu Convention takes place along the sandy banks of the Pampa River, spanning a week. Each day, distinguished pundits and acharyas deliver enlightening discourses, making it one of the largest spiritual gatherings in Kerala. This event is organized annually by the Hindu Matha Mahamandalam, a body that embraces all sects and denominations within Hindu society.

Originally established as a reformist organization, the Hindu Matha Mahamandalam has been a driving force against social evils like untouchability and various forms of discrimination. It played a pivotal role in initiating a religious renaissance in Kerala, contributing significantly to the elimination of superstitions, redundant rituals, and outdated festivities. The convention’s venue, known as Vidyadhiraja Nagar, pays homage to the esteemed Guruji Shri Vidyadhiraja Chattampi Swamikal, a prominent 20th-century social reformer in Kerala.

The primary goal of the Parishat is to educate society about the historical traditions of the Hindu way of life. The convention features a panoramic array of spiritual discourses and religious expositions by eminent scholars. These profound sessions are complemented by bhajans and scriptural renditions, enriched with appropriate interpretations, creating a sumptuous spiritual feast for attendees.

Cherukolpuzha Hindu Convention Schedule of Events

  1. Opening Ceremony
  2. Panel Discussions
  3. Educational Seminars
  4. Dharma Studies Sessions
  5. Colloquia and Research Presentations
  6. Yoga Classes
  7. Inspirational Religious Speeches
  8. Thought-provoking Symposiums

The Ayroor-Cherukolpuzha Hindumatha Mahamandalam organizes the convention at Vidyadhiraja Nagar in Ayroor, featuring renowned personalities from diverse fields who address the weeklong gathering. Discussions delve into various topics, including challenges faced by the Hindu community, social issues, science, mathematics, art, and culture. The primary aim of the Parishat is to present the historic traditions of Hinduism, fostering a meaningful connection between religion and society within a modern and scientific framework.

The Hindu Matha Mahamandalam is expanding its reach by introducing the Sanathana Dharma Patana Gaveshana Kendra (Sanathana Dharma Studies and Research Centre), focusing on academic and research activities. Additionally, a Hindu Matha Grandha Sala, serving as a reference library housing a substantial collection of authentic Hindu literature, has commenced its operations. The Hindu Matha Mahamandalam is envisioned as the ideal platform from which genuine cultural messages can emanate, reaching a wider audience.

Closest Town / Landmark / Junction:

  • Ranni: 9.0 km
  • Kozhencherry: 6.0 km

Closest Bus Station:

  • Cherukolpuzha Bridge Junction
  • Cherukolpuzha Kadathu

Closest Railway Station:

  • Thiruvalla: 21 km

Closest Airport:

  • Trivandrum International Airport: 121 km

Ayiroor Cherukolpuzha Convention, Melukara – Cherukolpuzha Road, Cherukolpuzha, Kerala -689611
Phone: 04735 230 997

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