Arakkal Museum

The Arakkal Museum, also known as the Arakkal Kettu Museum, is a historical museum located in Kannur district, Kerala, India. It is situated in the city of Kannur and is housed in the Arakkal Kettu, which was the former residence of the Arakkal Ali Rajas, the only Muslim royal family in Kerala.

The Arakkal dynasty had a unique position in the history of Kerala, as they were the only Muslim royal family to have ruled a princely state in the region. They held authority over the coastal areas of Kannur and some neighboring regions.

The museum showcases a collection of artifacts, documents, and memorabilia that depict the life, culture, and history of the Arakkal dynasty. Visitors can explore various exhibits that provide insights into the political, social, and cultural aspects of the region during the reign of the Arakkal rulers.

The museum serves as a significant cultural and historical center, preserving the rich heritage of the Arakkal dynasty and allowing visitors to learn about an important chapter in Kerala’s history. It attracts history enthusiasts, tourists, and researchers alike, interested in understanding the contributions and influence of the Arakkal family in the region.

If you plan to visit the Arakkal Museum, it’s advisable to check its operating hours and any entry requirements beforehand, as they may be subject to change due to various factors.

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