Adventure Tourism in Kerala

Taking a break from the busy everyday schedule is important for many people. It gives them some great time out from their busy life. You can make your time out more interesting if add some adventure activities during your vacation. Kerala is not only a scenic state in India but it offers varieties of thrilling activities such as mountain climbing, bamboo rafting, paragliding, nature walks, camping, cycling and tree house stays in order to make the trip of travelers more exciting. Climbing hills and walking through the forests are some of the common activities done by most of the travelers to Kerala. Contact Kochi Taxi or visit our website to organize different thrilling activities during your holidays in Kerala.

Scope Of Adventure Tourism In Kerala

Holidays are important for everyone because it helps people to bond more. Basic human relationship gets stronger during adventure holidays. Cooperation and team work always help people to bring out their best as individuals. Kerala is an ideal destination to enjoy adventure activities. Dotted with so many beaches, hills and rivers, this South Indian state has all the potential to encourage adventure tourism. Some of the adventure activities that you can try during your Kerala trip include trekking, camping in the hills, rock-climbing and some water-based activities like yachting, canoeing and kayaking. Here is the list of different adventure activities offered by this state.


Whether you are an adventure fanatic or a nature lover, trekking is an ideal activity to enjoy during your Kerala trip. Blessed with so many misty mountain ranges and tropical forests, this state has excellent trekking trails suitable for both expert trekkers as well as novices. If you have the fear for heights or not ready for the challenging activity of mountain climbing, this state can arrange trekking activities to ensure the enjoyment of each visitor to the state. It shall be thrilling to do cooking and sleep in the jungle during this activity. The popular trekking spots in this state include the Meesapulimala, Chembara Peak in Wayanad, Kolukkumalai in Munnar and some mountain ranges near Thenmala.


Kerala is an interesting destination in India for many surfing enthusiasts as it has many excellent places to enjoy this activity. Kovalam, Varkala and Kannur are some of the best surfing spots in this state. Many people head to this state during the months of January and February in order to indulge in surfing as this period offers the best sized waves. A wave with no one else on it is a dream of any surfer in the world and Kerala gives such a priceless surfing experience to them. For people who wish to get training in this activity can contact the Soul & Surf at Varkala. They provide accommodation and breakfast aside guiding as a part of their program. Visit their website soulandsurf to get more details about their training program or contact Kochi Taxi to get more details.

Mountain Climbing

A fun activity that catches the attention of many people readily is Mountain Climbing. It is not only mentally challenging but also a great spot suitable for fitness building. Kerala is a wonderful destination for enjoying this activity because of the numerous climbing spots. People can enjoy the thrill and adventure of climbing while retaining the fun element of the sport. Usually mountain climbing is a full-day activity and people who plan to go for this activity need quite a number of preparations such as the use of repellants. Some of the well-known mountain climbing spots in the state are Wayanad, Munnar, Thekkady and Thenmala.


The idea of flying like a bird is truly exciting and paragliding helps you to get the feeling of flying without any wings. This sport is a simple and fun way to experience flight. What you need to do is to lay out a wing on a mountain or a hillside, inflate it like a kite over your head. The pilot will maintain and control the rest of the things. Kerala is an excellent place to enjoy this activity because the quality and speed of the wind can be easily predictable here. There is a popular paragliding hub in Vagamon in the Idukki district where you can enjoy this thrilling activity.

Bamboo Rafting

Bamboo rafting along the beautiful rivers of Kerala shall be a breathtaking and soothing experience. People can enjoy the picturesque forests and watch several arboreal animals through this activity. This adventurous activity may sometimes go even for nine hours so that people who indulge in bamboo rafting can get full experience. Any visitor can enjoy a memorable experience through bamboo rafting in Kerala. Thekkady is the best place in Kerala to enjoy this activity.


Being a backwater destination and home to many beautiful rivers, Kerala is a paradise to enjoy kayaking. There is no better way to watch the real backwaters life than from the deck of a kayak. You can reach even the remote places where houseboats cannot take you through kayaking. Kayaking helps you to get close to the everyday life of people who live by the canals. A lively kayaking tour never ceases to surprise the backwater lovers. Kumarakom, Alappuzha and Kannur are the best places in Kerala to enjoy kayaking.

Para Sailing

Parasailing is another exciting adventure activity that you can enjoy in Kerala. This water sport is usually indulged in beaches or seaside resorts. The sailor is fastened to a parachute in this activity which in turn ties together by a small vessel or a motor boat. October to March is the best time to enjoy this activity in Kerala as the skies are cloudless and clear after monsoon at this time. Besides, the flow of wind and the temperature are also ideal to experience parasailing during this period. You can enjoy a fine experience of parasailing as the sea also calm and serene from October to March. Kovalam and Alappuzha beaches are the popular parasailing destinations in Kerala.

Jeep Safari

A jeep safari is an excellent way for a memorable travel experience in Kerala. Traveling in an open jeep through thick forests, dense green vegetation or extensive spice plantations for a small payment is truly exciting. It is a fine way to engulf you in the serene natural surroundings of this state. Most of the resorts, hotels, plantations bungalows and homestays in Kerala arrange jeep safari for their guests. Jeep safaris available in destinations like Munnar, Thekkady and Wayanad in Kerala.

Tree House Stay

It shall be a wonderful experience for everybody to watch the beauty of the star-studded sky through the treetops. You can find a unique world up there. Experience this feeling from the comfort of your cozy room by choosing a tree house stay. There are many gracefully designed tree houses in Kerala on the top of the mountains or inside the forests. With eco-friendly architecture and balcony facility, these tree houses display its beautiful surroundings. It is a unique way to get immersed in nature. Some of the destinations in Kerala that offer tree house stay are Thekkady, Wayanad, Munnar and Athirapally.

Catamaran Sailing

The relaxed sport of catamaran sailing is an excellent leisure activity. You just love the idea of cruising in the sea in a well-maintained boat with your family and friends to enjoy an evening. Opt for a catamaran sailing if you wish to enjoy the natural beauty of Kerala. A catamaran is a small wooden vessel and its twin hulls joined together for sailing across the sea. The word ‘caramaran’ derived from a Tamil word ‘kattu maram’, means wooden logs. During ancient days and in wars, wooden logs were used in South India to sail across the water. But today motorized catamarans used to conquer water and enjoy adventure water sports. Varkala, Kovalam, Kannur and Alappuzha are the popular places where you can enjoy catamaran sailing in Kerala.

Bull Races or Maramadi

Another thrilling activity that you can enjoy as a part of adventure tourism in Kerala is bull race. Bull race or maramadi held in this state every year just after the harvest season. Unlike the bull fights in Spain, this race happens in paddy fields. Each maramadi team consists of two bulls and three guides. The role of human masters is important in this race for guiding the bulls. In Kerala, bulls are specifically bred and raised for racing competitions. These well groomed and well fed bulls dressed in bright colors on the big day and paint their horns to make them attractive. Anandapalli village in the Pathanamthitta district of Kerala and some villages in Palakkad are popular to take part in maramadi.

An enthralling vacation with thrilling adventure sports certainly make you energetic and refreshed. Kerala is an ideal place to enjoy different adventure activities which are served as a highlight of the state. Contact Kochi Taxi to organize various activities to make your trip to Kerala an unforgettable experience.

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