Abu Dhabi Fishing Trip

Abu Dhabi Fishing Tour
Fishing Trip Abu Dhabi is one such tourist attraction that attracts people. It is an interesting activity and people from all walks of life will be interested in doing it.
Abu Dhabi is a vivid place with lots of tourist’s attractions. The place witnessed a magnificent growth in the last three decades which resulted in the evolution of an ultramodern city. After the discovery of oil in the 60’s the place went through rapid developments People started visiting the place for business activities and there is a vibrant expatiate community who came here as part of career. The government now understands the tourist potential of the region and is actively promoting it in all spheres.
Fishing in Abu Dhabi today is getting very popular, few people visit this place exclusively to enjoy these trips. People who come here for vacation or sightseeing should indulge in this tour so that they would get a complete feeling.
Abu Dhabi Fishing Tour is full of fun and excitement. Also you could take your kids to introduce them to the world of fishes and its process. It is a great opportunity to be with your family and have a perfect time together filled with lots of fun.
Best bait for fishing in Abu Dhabi providing as according to your level in fishing you can choose the right package from the different packages available. If you are a beginner or a skilled person you can choose the right services according to the requirement.
Fishing spot in Abu Dhabi our best captain can understand right place, the trip would be led by an experienced boat captain and you would be safe in his hands. There is also deep sea fishing in Abu Dhabi area which is filled with immense adventure and fun. The experienced persons will love this kind of trip. There are personalized tours also which can be molded according to your requirement.
Best fishing Abu Dhabi tours available in various timings like half day, full day or multiple days. The most caught fish species in Abu Dhabi is hamour. Other species are King Fish, Queenfish, Sailfish, Tuna and Dorado. The suitable season is September to April.
Fishing boat Rental Abu Dhabi or Boarding locations are Abu Dhabi Marina / Mina Port near the fish market area, also we are providing fishing trip Dubai & Fujairah, no transportation is included for this tour (Available upon request for extra cost).

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