Abu Dhabi Falcon Tour

Abu Dhabi Falcon Tour
Falcon Hospital Tour In Abu Dhabi

If you are intending to visit Abu Dhabi, then don’t forget to go for a Falcon Tour. Falcon Tour is something you will find only in Abu Dhabi and you shouldn’t miss this life time opportunity. This is something which you can enjoy with your family and kids will especially enjoy this.

Falconry was part of the heritage and part of the Bedouin life in the desert. Bedouins lived in the desert from ancient times and required all astute skills in finding food and water in the desert. Here in this unforgiving place which is not all friendly, falconry was deployed as a hunting mode. Bedouins trained the falcons and used them to hunt preys like hares and large birds called the Houbara Bustard. Meat was an important element in their diet and Falcon was the way to it. In the contemporary period it is primarily used for sport. At this point, when Abu Dhabi has changed entirely, and in the modern era of sophisticated living, old ways still continues, falcons are part of camel stable and every desert retreat.

Even though hunting is restricted in Abu Dhabi by using falcons, falconers go to Syria and Iraq to sharpen their skills in hunting using falcons.  Taking a tour to the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital would be the interesting thing to do in Abu Dhabi. Your visit will be complete only with this visit. The Falcon Hospital is the largest in the region and it serves nearby countries also. Until now they have treated over 42,000 falcons. As falconry is a very popular sport in UAE, the importance of Falcon hospital can be imagines. The hospital has lot of falcon-patients and visit will unveil to you its various services.

The visit to the Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital commences with the visit to the falconry museum. Here you can understand about the sport and sports gadget that is used.

The visit also includes the visit to the examination room where you can witness veterinary doctors taking care of the sick and wounded falcons. Some falcons would be undergoing a feather repair or a manicure or pedicure course. Only few people know that falcons need a passport to travel. Such rules and regulation are there to stop illegal trade. Visit will also give you information about such facts.

Some of them would be interested in taking snaps with falcons. At the flight aviary you can view the birds flying and click some photos with a falcon in your arm. There is a beautiful garden to relax also in this hospital.

The falcon tour happens two times a day and the timings are 10 am and 2 pm. There is no tour on Friday, Saturday and public holidays.

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