Abu Dhabi Culture and Lifestyle

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Culture and Lifestyle

Abu Dhabi Culture and Lifestyle – The culture of Abu Dhabi is a blend of international and unwavering commitment to its own tradition and heritage to produce a captivating mix of new and old.
Abu Dhabi’s culture is strongly based on Arabia’s Islamic tradition which is more then a religion. Islam can be termed as a way of living that controls everyday events from the attire to wear to what to drink and eat. Moreover the culture and heritage of UAE is inseparably linked to its religion and is great example of Islam’s true commitment to tolerance and hospitality. There is freedom for foreigners to practice their own religion and they can follow liberal dress code. Women have the liberty to walk and drive without any escort. The most highly esteemed virtues are courtesy and hospitality, and it is sure that the visitors will be attracted by the genuine friendliness of the people. Abu Dhabi with the high pace of economic development continues to endorse traditional cultural and sporting events, like camel racing, traditional dhow sailing and falconry.
The official language is Arabic, but English is generally spoken and majority of the roads and shop signs and restaurant menus are written in both languages. If you go out of town, more Arabic is found, both spoken and written. It is not the comfortable language to learn or to pronounce, but if you can use couple of Arabic words in you conversation you will be received very warmly.
In UAE the official and widely practiced religion is Islam. The underlying principle of Islam is that there is only one God and the messenger is Prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him). According to Islam, holiday is on Friday, and Muslims are expected to follow five pillars of Islam-the profession of Faith, Charity, Fasting and the Pilgrimage to Makkah. In addition to that, it is necessary for a Muslim to pray (facing Makkah) five times a day. And the time for prayer varies according to the position of the sun; in the modern day the call for prayer is transmitted through loudspeakers on mosque minarets.
According to UAE Constitution, there is freedom of religion in accordance with established customs. Abu Dhabi grants people of other religions to practice their religious faiths and is tolerant, until and unless they do not interfere with Islam. There is opportunity for Non-muslims to understand Islam via complimentary guided tours to the magnificent Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, which is one of the world’s largest mosques. The tour is conducted during the week at different timings.

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