What Considerations Are Essential For A Fulfilling Sabarimala Pilgrimage And To Ensure A Pleasant Journey On The Kananapatha?

Virtual-Q Booking
All individuals seeking darshan are required to reserve a spot in the Virtual Queue, which can be accomplished through the website https://sabarimalaonline.org

Parking for pilgrim vehicles is not available in Pampa; it is only allowed at Nilakkal. Small vehicles can access Pampa to drop off Ayyappans and then proceed back to Nilakkal for parking. Pilgrims who drive their own vehicles can park at Nilakkal and then use a KSRTC bus to reach Pampa.

Toll, Fastag

The Nilakkal toll collection now features the introduction of the Fast Tag system in collaboration with ICICI Bank. The toll fees are as follows: 100 rupees for buses, 75 rupees for mini-buses, 50 rupees for vehicles with up to 14 seats, 30 rupees for cars and jeeps (up to 4 seats), and 15 rupees for autos.

KSRTC offers a chain service between Nilakkal and Pamba with the following rates:

  • AC Bus: Rs. 80.00
  • Fast, Low-Floor Non-AC: Rs. 50.00

KSRTC Pamba Contact Number : 04735 – 203445

Safe Zone
In case of any accidents on the Sabarimala roads, the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department is committed to providing prompt assistance. You can reach them at the following phone numbers: 94000 44991 and 95623 18181. They offer 24-hour service under the Safe Zone scheme, and mechanics are also on hand to assist with vehicle breakdowns.

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When heading to bathe at Pampa-Triveni
When descending to bathe at Pampa-Triveni, be aware that there are six designated entrances leading to the bathing area. Hazardous zones are marked with erected fences, and it is strongly advised not to attempt to access these areas. The powerful currents in these sections pose an increased risk of accidents.

When ascending Sabarimala
Pampa-Sannidhanam is located 5 km away. Neelimala and Apachemed present challenging inclines. It is advisable to ascend the mountain gradually, taking periodic rests. Individuals using medications should ensure they have them on hand. It is recommended to undertake the climb on an empty stomach or wait at least half an hour after eating.

Swamy with diabetes is advised to have readily available sweets to consume when experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, heightened heart palpitations, and headaches.

It is good to keep medical records, including medical information, address, contact numbers, and the treating doctor’s details, is advisable.

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