There are so many eco-tourism picnic spots in Kerala. Thommankuthu is one such spot that fascinates travelers with its scenic 7-step waterfall. This is another great waterfall in the Idukki district. People visit Thommankuthu not only to enjoy its beautiful waterfall but it is also an excellent adventure tourism destination. Many nature l and adventure lovers plan their trip to this place to unwind and enjoy different thrilling activities. Log on to get more details about this majestic waterfall.

Enchanting Idukki

Idukki holds an important place when it comes to tourism. With scenic nature and stunning tourist attractions, a lot of travelers choose this district to enjoy their holidays. In fact, some of the most popular hill stations like Munnar and Thekkady are in this district. The highest peak Anamudi is also in Idukki district. Idukki dam and its astounding surroundings are also popular among tourists. Thommankuthu is a panoramic picnic spot in this district. Plan a trip to this beautiful place to enjoy the scenic waterfall.

Enjoy Nature At Its Best

Travelers can enjoy a series of waterfalls during their trip to this enchanting tourist destination. Besides, there are a few caves and some panoramic viewpoints in this picnic spot. It is an amazing place to enjoy trekking. In fact, you need to go for a 12 kilometers trekking through woods in order to enjoy the true beauty of Thommankuthu. Even though there are a few waterfalls in the area, people mostly visit the Thommankuthu and the Ezhunilakettu. People love to visit this area because this is a fine opportunity for them to see nature at its best.

Eco-Tourism Spot

Thommankuthu is nearly 18 kilometers away from Thodupuzha, a main town in the region. In addition to the majestic waterfall and several small pools and streams, this destination offers several activities for the visitors. It must be refreshing for the travelers to feel the coolness of the beautiful mountain stream. Even the Government of Kerala declared this region as an eco-tourism spot. The entry to the Thommankuth waterfall is restricted between 10 am to 6 pm every day.


Thommankuth is an ideal destination for adventure lovers and nature lovers. People love the trekking through the woods and the aroma of the nature. Never forget to enjoy some boating in the nearby lake. People also love fishing during their trip to this destination. Many people find the area ideal for camping. In order to make the area popular, government has started an initiative called, Chitrakkoodam along with a few tourist-friendly facilities.  In order to reach this spot, take a bus from Thodupuzha that goes to Munnar through Thommankuth.

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