Tempo Traveller / Van Rental Kochi (Cochin)

Traveller Van Rent In Kochi – Hire a Tempo Traveller in Kochi / Cochin – Multiple Seating Options on all our Van rentals in Kochi / Cochin

Be it a local sightseeing trip, a marriage party, a weekend getaway with family or even an airport pickup and drop; hire a tempo traveller on rent in Kochi / Cochin and make use of our fully customizable options without compromising on comfort and leg space. Just plan a trip and choose the best option based on your convenience and requirements. The various configurations available are:

Small Size Tempo Traveller Van Rent – Up to 14 seats
KSU with its launch of minibus rental service in Kochi / Cochin offers 8 seater tempo travellers in Kochi / Cochin, 9 seater tempo travel in Kochi / Cochin, 10 seater tempo travellers, 12 seater tempo travellers and 14 seater tempo travellers under this category. The small-sized tempo travellers are perfectly ideal for small family outings, nostalgic reunions and weekend getaways. No matter where your destination is, we have got the ideal tempo traveller to suit your requirements while keeping in mind your comfort and budget.

Medium Size Tempo Traveller Van Rent – Up to 17 seats
KSU offers 15-seater tempo travellers, 16-seater tempo travellers and 17-seater tempo travellers on rent in Kochi / Cochin under this category. Choose a medium-sized tempo traveller if there is a corporate outing or an excursion to be arranged. Perfectly ideal when travelling with 15+ passengers, the medium-sized tempo travellers come with plush interiors, an unmatched variety of AC and non-AC vehicles as well as aim to balance comfort and luxury with extremely budget-friendly options to choose from.

Large Size Tempo Traveller Van Rent – Up to 26 seats
Under this category, Karmic Seven United offers 18 seater tempo travellers in Kerala, 20 seater tempo travellers and 24 seater tempo travellers on rent in Kochi / Cochin. These tempo travellers are ideal for a large group of people traveling together such as pilgrimage groups or wedding transportation. With extremely comfortable seats, spacious interiors and other premium facilities, smooth travel and good conversations will be your only takeaways.

Tempo Traveller / Van Rent In Kochi (Cochin) – Affordable Rates and Premium Services
The tempo traveller per km price offered by KSU is quite economical. In comparison to booking a taxi or taking a car rental service in Kochi / Cochin, a Tempo Traveller offers additional leg space and is also much cheaper per head. Our customer-friendly billing has no hidden charges. With 24×7 support, customizable tour programs and chauffeur-driven cabs; Kamic 7 United is the right choice when you need a tempo traveller on rent in Kerala.

Why Choose a Tempo Traveller Hire from KSU in Kochi, Kerala – KSU`s Unique Advantages of Van Rentals

Besides comfort, which is a top priority, here are the other reasons why Tempo Travellers are more convenient.

To rent a Tempo Traveller in Kochi, you can follow similar steps as mentioned earlier for car rentals. A Tempo Traveller is a comfortable and spacious vehicle often used for group travel. Here’s how you can find and rent one in Kochi:

  1. Online Rental Platforms: Look for online car rental platforms that offer Tempo Traveller rental services in Kochi.
  2. Local Rental Agencies: Search for local car rental agencies in Kochi that specialize in providing Tempo Traveller services. You can find these agencies through online directories or by asking for recommendations from locals or your hotel staff.
  3. Airport and Railway Stations: If you’re arriving in Kochi by air or train, there might be car rental counters at the airport or railway stations where you can inquire about Tempo Traveller rentals.
  4. Read Reviews: Before finalizing the rental, read reviews or testimonials from previous customers to ensure the reliability and quality of the service provided by the rental company.
  5. Verify Terms and Conditions: Always carefully read the terms and conditions of the rental agreement, including rental rates, additional charges, driver’s allowance, and any insurance coverage provided.
  6. Plan Your Trip: Decide on the duration of your rental, the number of people travelling, and any specific destinations you wish to visit in and around Kochi. This information will help the rental company provide you with the most suitable options.
  7. Driver’s Details: If you’re not planning to drive the Tempo Traveller yourself, inquire about the driver’s credentials, and experience, and if the charges include the driver’s accommodation and meals.

Remember to book your Tempo Traveller rental well in advance, especially during peak tourist seasons, to ensure availability and a smooth travel experience in Kochi and its surrounding areas. Enjoy your journey!

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