Muniyara, also known as Dolmens, refers to a type of ancient megalithic structure found in various parts of India and other countries. These structures are typically composed of large stones arranged in a specific formation, forming a chamber or a tomb-like structure. Muniyara is a term commonly used in the state of Kerala, specifically in the Idukki and Wayanad districts.

The term “Muniyara” translates to “Dwelling of the Sages” in the local Malayalam language. These megalithic structures are believed to have been built by early human civilizations, dating back thousands of years. They are often associated with the practices and rituals of ancient communities, such as burial chambers or memorial structures.

Muniyaras can vary in size and design, but they typically consist of large stone slabs placed vertically to form walls, with larger flat stones serving as roofs. The stones used in the construction are usually granite or laterite, depending on the availability in the region.

These ancient structures provide valuable insights into the cultural and historical significance of the regions where they are found. They are considered archaeological treasures and are protected by the government to preserve their historical and cultural importance.

Muniyara sites are often open to the public, allowing visitors to explore and appreciate the ancient craftsmanship and architectural techniques employed by the early civilizations. In some cases, these sites are accompanied by museums or interpretive centers that provide more information about the history and significance of the megalithic structures.

It’s worth noting that there may be specific Muniyara sites or locations with the name “Muniyara” in Kerala or other regions. The local tourism authorities or historical departments can provide more specific information regarding these sites and their accessibility to the public.

Are you a historian or archaeologist? Whether you are an archaeologist or just a traveler, you will love to visit the Muniyara near Munnar. This scenic destination fascinates travelers with its megalithic relics. Muniyara is place in Munnar near Marayoor. In addition to extensive sandalwood plantations, a lot of people visit Marayoor in order to watch these stone attractions. Muniyaras are burial chambers made up of 5 stone slabs. A large stone called a capstone covers the chamber.

A Significant Pre-Historic Site

Visiting the Muniyara in Munnar can be a wonderful experience for each traveler. People love to visit this place because it will give an insight into the ancient age. You can imagine about the mystic history of Stone Age people and their culture by visiting this place. The main attraction of the place is its stone burial chambers called the Dolmenoid cists. There are several such chambers and each one of them is built using 5 stone slabs. It is also amazing to see the ancient rock paintings at this place.

Remnants Belonging To The Megalithic Age

Historians believe that these stone slabs are more than 1000 years old. In fact, it is a favorite place for many of them because they keep a special interest in those burial chambers. Many archeologists and anthropologists from across the globe visit Muniyara to watch and study the remnants of the stone burial chambers belonging to the Megalithic age. Most of these burials contain several chambers and they might use to bury more than one person in one place. Just pay a visit to this tourist attraction if you love to take a look into the history of the Megalithic age.


Muniyara locates in Marayoor in a scenic area of Idukki district.  One needs to travel around 40 kilometers from Munnar to reach this amazing prehistoric dolmens. Aluva railway station is almost 151 kilometers away while Ernakulam railway station is nearly 168 kilometers from this tourist place. Cochin International Airport is around 150 kilometers away from these aboveground burial chambers. Located on the beautiful slopes of the Western Ghats, visiting Muniyara can be a majestic experience for each visitor.

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Besides historians and anthropologists, a lot of travelers love to visit Muniyara in order to watch its burial chambers. In fact, it is a must-visit place for holidaymakers and honeymoon couples to Munnar. The nearest tourist attraction Marayoor attracts travelers with its large sandalwood forests.

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