Mesmerizing Kerala Houseboats

Mesmerizing Kerala Houseboats are traditional Kettuvallams of Kerala, Southern India that are transformed into luxury cruises for the enjoyment of tourists and local people. Houseboats with all the modern amenities are a boost to the tourism industry of Kerala.

A houseboat cruise through the tranquil backwaters of Kerala is an experience that you can never afford to miss if you are here. Experience the vastness and the ageless calm of the backwaters in a houseboat cruise capturing a glimpse of the local life and the lush greenery of the palm fields on the shores.

Kerala Houseboats

The houseboats are known as ‘Kettuvallams’ in Malayalam. ‘Kettuvallam’ means a boat with knots. They were originally used by traders to transport grains from one place to another.  Each part of the houseboat is made of organic components like areca nut bark, coir, bamboo, etc. The boat was built from the bark of Anjali tree. A single nail was not used in the construction of the original kettuvallams, with every part being knotted together.

Durable seasoned bamboo is used on the inside of the boat. Bamboo mat, fixed together by coir is used to thatch the roof. The bathrooms are decorated with ceramic tiles. Everything else in the houseboat is made of natural material. 40 HP engines power the houseboats and ajourney in the houseboat will be eternally etched in your memory.

The size of the houseboat varies depending on the number of bedrooms it houses. Usually, there will be two to three bedrooms. There are even houseboats with ten bedrooms that is preferred for group tours. Houseboats are equipped with all the modern amenities that will provide you with luxury, ease, and comfort. You are welcomed to the houseboats with the traditional Kerala drink, the tender coconut water. You will be introduced to the crew members of the houseboat during the entire journey which consists of a driver, a personal cook, and a housekeeping assistant. You can bathe in the sunlight in the front sun lounge of the houseboat.

As you travel during the day, you can comfortably sit on the deck enjoying the exotic scenery of the palm fields and the thick greenery drifting by. The houseboat is decked with wooden flooring and wooden ceilings which makes the atmosphere magical. During the afternoon you can savor your appetite with authentic Kerala delicacies which include fresh fish caught from the backwaters straight in front of you.

The bedrooms are well arranged with modern amenities and are bathroom attached. Complacent beds and mosquito nets ensure a sound sleep.

Life Of The Natives

The life of the natives will unwind before you as you cruise through the Kerala backwaters. You can see women doing their daily activities like washing clothes, children swimming and bathing, and people reading newspapers on the shores. You can see that the shores are dotted with temples and churches. You will be also delighted to watch the traditional coir making and copra drying.

In pleasant weather, the boat driver will anchor your boat near a village giving you the first-hand experience of the village life. You can take a walk along the village roads and explore the rare and exquisite flora and fauna of the region. Sometimes your driver will anchor the boat in the backwater itself allowing you to enjoy a world of your own. At night you can gaze at the stars lying lazily in your beds with the water paddling along the hull.

If you love Kerala houseboats, then you can extend your stay in these traditional boats. We provide you with tailor-made packages to meet your needs. If you are in a houseboat for a longer stay, you can do other things like canoeing, fishing, exploring the village life, visiting coir units, visiting the churches and temples, tasting toddy, etc.

The houseboat cruise will bless you with an unforgettable Kerala holiday experience.

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