Kuruvadweep, a group of 3 islands rich in flora and fauna is a top tourist destination in Wayanad located in the midst of a tributary of Kabani River. It is nearly 950 acres of uninhabited land where travelers can spot many rare species of birds. Kuruvadweep is also a favorite destination for many nature lovers because of the presence of several unique orchids and herbs. Travelers love to take a long walk along the shores of the beautiful Kabani River during their visit to Kuruvadweep.

Main attractions

The unique geographical features are the main attraction of Kuruvadweep. This hot tourist destination in Wayanad is also famous in the name of Kuruva Islands where travelers can watch many rare bird species. Kuruvadweep is also famous for many rare plants including unique orchids, herbs and medicinal plants. The evergreen ambience of this picnic spot gives a mesmerizing holiday experience for visitors. You will certainly love this destination as it is surrounded by gorgeous rivers and majestic streams. Of course, Kuruvadweep is an ideal destination for people who would like to have some relaxing holidays away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Enjoy refreshing activities

Wayanad is such a tourist destination that offers plenty of opportunities for the travelers to indulge to make their holidays outstanding. Since this enchanting islands are surrounded by river and streams, travelers hire fiber boats and river rafts run by Kerala Tourism Department to enjoy different water activities. You can see a lot of small islands in Kuruvadweep besides 2 fresh water ponds. You will love to enjoy walking with your family or loved ones along the beautiful banks of Kabani to explore this stunning island.

How to reach

You will need at least 3 hours to explore each of the islands of Kuruvadweep. This picnic spot is around 14 kilometers away from Mananthawady and around 40 kilometers from Kalpetta. You can find many bus services from Mananthawady to this tourist destination. The nearest railway station to Mananthawady is Kozhikode which is almost 99 kilometers away. The nearest Calicut / Kozhikode International Airport is approximately 119 kilometers from Mananthawady.

Best time to visit

Travelers can find so many reasons to include Kuruva Islands on their itinerary. These islands fascinate people with its beautiful attractions. They are full of mini forests, streams, bamboo groves and many orchids and herbs. Kuruvadweep is closed during rainy seasons and the best time to visit this picnic spot is from October to May.

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