Parippally Gajamela

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Parippally Gajamela is a traditional elephant pageant that takes place annually in Parippally, a village in the Kollam district of Kerala, India. The Gajamela is one of the main attractions of the ten-day festival held at the Parippally Kodimoottil Bhagavathy Temple during the Malayalam month of Meenam (March-April).

“Gajamela” literally means “elephant fair” in the Malayalam language. It is a spectacular event where a procession of decorated elephants is the highlight. The Gajamela attracts a large number of devotees, spectators, and tourists from across the state.

During the Gajamela, beautifully adorned elephants, often around 50 to 100 in number, are brought to the temple grounds. These elephants, with their majestic presence, create a mesmerizing sight for the onlookers. The elephants are adorned with colorful silk drapes, ornamental headdresses, bells, and accessories made of gold or silver. Elaborate decorations are also placed on their tusks.

The procession begins with the elephants lining up in a row, showcasing their grandeur. They move in a synchronized manner, often accompanied by traditional percussion ensembles and melam (a traditional music form). The rhythmic beats of drums, cymbals, and trumpets add to the festive ambiance.

The Gajamela is not only a visual spectacle but also has religious significance. It is believed that the presence of the decorated elephants purifies the surroundings and brings good fortune. People gather to witness the procession and seek blessings from the elephants, considering them sacred animals in Hindu mythology.

Apart from the Gajamela, the Parippally Kodimoottil Bhagavathy Temple festival features various cultural events, traditional performances, and rituals. Devotees offer prayers and make offerings to the deity to seek blessings and fulfillment of their wishes.

The Parippally Gajamela is an important cultural event that showcases the rich tradition and heritage of Kerala. It provides a unique opportunity for people to witness the grandeur of decorated elephants and experience the vibrant festivities associated with the temple festival.

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Parippally, Kollam, Kerala, India

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