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Echo Point is a popular tourist attraction located in Munnar, Kerala, India. It is situated around 15 kilometers from Munnar town, on the way to Top Station. Echo Point is known for its scenic beauty and natural acoustics that create an echo effect when you shout or make loud sounds.

The main highlight of Echo Point is its serene lake surrounded by lush green hills. The mist-covered mountains, the calm water, and the surrounding tea plantations make it a picturesque spot to relax and enjoy nature’s beauty. The reflection of the surrounding hills on the lake adds to the charm of the place.

As the name suggests, Echo Point is famous for its echo phenomenon. When you raise your voice or shout out loud, you can hear the sound echoing back from the hills. This unique feature adds a fun element to the visit and attracts many tourists to experience the echo effect.

Echo Point also serves as a starting point for trekking to the nearby destinations like Top Station and Kundala Lake. Adventure enthusiasts can indulge in short hikes or longer treks in the surrounding hills to explore the scenic beauty of the region.

Visiting Echo Point during the early morning hours is recommended to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere and witness the mist-covered landscapes. The place can get crowded during peak tourist seasons, so planning your visit accordingly can help you avoid large crowds.

Echo Point in Munnar is located in the state of Kerala, India. It is situated around 15 kilometers from the main town of Munnar. The exact coordinates of Echo Point are approximately 10.1396° N latitude and 77.0731° E longitude.

To reach Echo Point, you can take a taxi, hire a private vehicle, or use public transportation from Munnar town. The route typically involves traveling along the Munnar-Top Station Highway. There are signboards along the way that guide visitors to Echo Point.

Once you arrive at Echo Point, you can enjoy the scenic beauty, walk around the area, and experience the echoing effect by shouting or making loud sounds. The location offers stunning views of hills, valleys, tea plantations, and the nearby Kundala Lake.

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