Chinese Fishing Nets

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The Chinese Fishing Nets, also known as Cheena Vala or Cheenavala in the local Malayalam language, are a unique fishing technique and iconic attraction in Kochi, Kerala, India. Here is some information about the Chinese Fishing Nets:

Origin: The Chinese Fishing Nets were introduced to Kochi by Chinese traders during the 14th century. These massive fishing nets are believed to have been brought by Chinese explorer Zheng He and were later adopted by the local fishermen.

Mechanism: The Chinese Fishing Nets are large stationary fishing nets held by huge wooden frames. The nets are suspended vertically in the water using massive bamboo poles and counterweights. The nets are lowered into the water by a coordinated effort of several fishermen, and after some time, they are raised to catch the fish trapped in the nets.

Appearance: The Chinese Fishing Nets are an intriguing sight to behold. Each net is made of a large fishing net suspended horizontally by a series of poles and counterweights. The nets are operated manually by a team of fishermen who use ropes and pulleys to raise and lower them.

Fishing Technique: The fishing process using the Chinese Fishing Nets is quite fascinating. The nets are lowered into the water and left for a specific duration to allow fish to get caught in them. The nets are then raised, and the fishermen collect the fish caught in the nets. The fishing activity usually takes place during high tide.

Tourist Attraction: The Chinese Fishing Nets have become an iconic symbol of Kochi and a major tourist attraction. Visitors can witness the fishermen in action, learn about the fishing technique, and even try their hand at operating the nets. The sight of the nets against the backdrop of the sunset is particularly picturesque and attracts photographers and tourists.

Location: The Chinese Fishing Nets are predominantly found in Fort Kochi, along the coast near the Fort Kochi Beach. The area around the fishing nets has become a bustling tourist spot with several food stalls, vendors, and souvenir shops.

Visiting the Chinese Fishing Nets: The fishing nets are a popular spot for both locals and tourists. Visitors can observe the fishermen in action, interact with them, and enjoy fresh seafood from the nearby stalls. There is no entry fee to see the Chinese Fishing Nets, but some fishermen may expect a small fee if you want to try your hand at operating the nets or take photographs.

The Chinese Fishing Nets in Kochi are not just a means of livelihood for the local fishermen but also a fascinating cultural and historical attraction. They offer a glimpse into the traditional fishing methods and contribute to the unique charm of Kochi’s coastal landscape.

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Fort Kochi, Kochi, Ernakulam, Kerala, India

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