Adoor Gajamela

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Adoor Gajamela is a grand elephant pageant held on the last day of the ten-day annual festival at the Sree Parthasarathy Temple in Adoor, Kerala, India. The festival is held in the month of January or February, and attracts large crowds from all over the state.

The pageant features nine majestically caparisoned elephants, who are decorated with elaborate costumes, jewelry, and flowers. The elephants are led by a mahout, who sits on their back and guides them through the procession. The procession starts from the Parthasarathy Temple and culminates at the Chennapatti Temple, which is located about 3 kilometers from Adoor.

Along the way, the elephants are greeted by cheering crowds, who throw flowers and sweets at them. The procession is a colorful and festive event, and it is a popular tourist attraction.

Here are some of the things you can do at Adoor Gajamela:

  • Watch the elephant pageant: This is the main event of the festival, and it is a truly spectacular sight.
  • Visit the Parthasarathy Temple: This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna, and it is one of the most important temples in Kerala.
  • Take a walk through the streets of Adoor: The town of Adoor is located in a beautiful setting, and it is a great place to wander around and explore.
  • Sample the local cuisine: Kerala is known for its delicious food, and there are many restaurants in Adoor where you can try local dishes.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind when attending Adoor Gajamela:

  • The festival is held in the month of January or February, so it can be quite hot. Be sure to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water.
  • The festival is very crowded, so it is important to be patient and to allow plenty of time to get around.
  • Elephants are very large and powerful animals, so it is important to keep a safe distance from them.
  • Do not feed or touch the elephants.
  • Be respectful of the religious significance of the festival.

Adoor Gajamela is a truly unique and unforgettable experience. If you are planning a trip to Kerala, be sure to add this festival to your itinerary.

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