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JD for Senior Animator

Role & responsibilities of a 2D animator in film and games:
Liaising with writers, directors, and clients regarding the style, method, and execution of the animation to be produced
Developing storyboards based on the script
Preparing presentations of rough sketches for clients
Creating models, drawings, and illustrations
Designing frames and characters
Choosing color palettes, style, and general look of the animation
Establishing artwork for the backgrounds and layouts
Setting up exposure sheets, divided into actions and timing, dialogues and music, animation layers, backgrounds, view perspective
Drawing rough sketches and animate
Illustrating keyframes and producing inbetweening
Inking, coloring, and clean ups
Integrating images, characters, etc into background graphics
Syncing visuals with audio and voiceover tracks
Preparing all animation elements for compositing, including delivering in set formats
Enhancing animation with special effects at the post-production stage

Skills required to become a 2D animator
There are many forms of animation — claymation, stop motion, pinscreen, cut-out, etc. — and animators continue to innovate with new materials, however, the basics of animation are taught in terms of character expression and movement. A career in animation will pose lots of creative challenges and training in various techniques, the possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.

2D animators may need knowledge of a combination of the following software:
Toon Boom Harmony


Contact Information
Industrial Suburb, 2nd Stage, Yeshwanthpur Ward 42, Laxmidevi Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

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