Kerala – The Land Of Wonders

Kerala, the land of wonders included in the National Geographic Traveller’s list of World’s ten Paradises Found. Kerala, highly acclaimed as God’s Own Country is a small state, formed on 1st November 1956,  situated in the south western part of India, on the Malabar Coast. Situated in the south western part of India, It is located … Read More

Kerala Adventure Tour

Kerala – The Paradise Of Adventure Tourists Through this article, we are exploring the unexplored part of Kerala that is the perfect destination for people who embodies the spirit of adventure tour. Kerala, God’s own Country is gifted with thick forests, deep gorges and magnificent mountain ranges. All these thrilling landscape makes Kerala the best … Read More

Backwaters Of Kerala

Backwaters of Kerala are a network of briny lagoons, lakes and canals situated on the Malabar Coast of Kerala in India. It covers about half of the length of Kerala state. The existence of backwaters is unique to Kerala and hence it is one of the key factor that promotes the tourism industry of Kerala. … Read More

Kerala Aqua Tourism

Kerala Aqua Tourism – With plenty of water bodies rich in fish, Kerala is a perfect destination for Aqua Tourism. Fish farms certainly an attraction for the tourists in this state. The serene environment of Kerala offers several excellent recreational sites where people can indulge in various activities by the side of lakes and backwaters … Read More

Cycling and Mountain Biking In Kerala

Enjoy Kerala by Bi-Cycle! Kerala is becoming a preferred destination for many mountain bikers. Cycling and Mountain Biking is giving new meaning to your Kerala travel. It will be certainly exciting for you to enjoy cycling through the beautiful environment of Kerala because it is an amazing way to get closer to the destination that … Read More

Kerala Responsible Tourism

We, Karmic Seven United believe in Responsible Tourism to respect and protect all the beautiful travel destinations in the world. Kerala is truly a tourism trendsetter in India and among the must-see places on the national and international map. The state is blessed with plenty of natural resources, understanding entrepreneurial community, efficient professionals and academicians, … Read More

Boat Through Kerala During Monsoon

In the popular imagination, monsoons involve the sort of violent rain that soaks you to your underpants, washes away roads and effectively exiles you to a life indoors playing Monopoly and Scrabble. As luck would have it, this isn’t the case with Kerala’s mid-October monsoon, the second of two rainy seasons that pass over the … Read More

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